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    Decision-Making Failures

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    1. This week's Read Me First says that many good decisions get bad results. Why is this true? It is attached below.

    2. The reading this week talks about how important it is for managers to be able to delegate responsibilities. What are some of the things you need to do in order to be successful at delegating?

    3. Indecision is a decision. In what ways can you counter the non decision decision?

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    Decisions need to have a complete implementation plan and this includes a proper evaluation method that allows for evaluation at each step of the implementation process. This allows immediate concerns to be addressed and also gives people the freedom to voice concerns. When the implementation is done with specific goals in mind, it should include goals that address the company vision, the employees, and the needs of the customer. All are important to successful implementation of a decision. Also being aware ...

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    A discussion on how failures can occur after following a decision making model, including delegation and indecision.