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    Equality form of the constraint conditions, set up and interpret

    Video-Scapes, Inc. (VSI) offers budget landscaping designs for $1,500 and deluxe designs for $3,000. Budget designs require 4hrs of computer time, 2hrs of creative time, and 4hrs of consulting time. Deluxe design requires 6hrs of computer time, 6hrs of creative time, and 4hrs of consulting time. VSI currently has 60hrs of comput

    BMGT 101 question

    The _________ technique works well with expensive products/services. a. sales force composite b. customer composite c. past sales d. time series

    BMGT 101 question

    A conglomerate is an example of a. concetration b. forward integration c. backward integration d. related diversification e. unrelated diversification

    Forecasting: Regression Analysis for Defective Parts

    The supervisor of a manufacturing process believes that assembly line speed (in feet/minute) affected the number of defective parts found during online inspection. To test this theory, management had the same batch of parts inspected visually at a variety of line speeds. The following data were collected. Line Speed

    Activity Based Management for Dell

    Please assist on an small essay on Activity Based Management for Dell. Department cost allocations (Person 4)--Can we get a current department cost allocations for Dell? How will ABM impact that? 2. Basic cost concepts (Person 4) 3. Resource usage (Person 4) -- What is typical required with ABM? How will ABM change

    SWOT Analysis on an England Restaurant

    Please assist on a SWOT analysis on opening a themed restaurant in England. I already have an idea of what the strengths and weaknesses are but the opportunities and threats are of more concern to me. Can you give me any ideas that i should look into to find out what the opportunities are and what the threats are.

    Quantitative and Inequality Methods

    A) Set up a linear programming model to determine how many units of shirts and coats B) Use inequality method and 100% rule to determine the maximum and minimum values C) Use systems of equations to deterimine right side ranges and dual price for each constraint

    Executive Pay and Tournament Theory

    Executive pay is attracting a lot of attention in Australia and world-wide. Tournament Theory states that, the greater the difference between your and your boss's pay, the harder you (and everyone else!) will work. Discuss executive pay in the light of Tournament Theory.

    Optimal Output and Economic Profit

    Total Total Total fixed variable Total product cost cost cost 0 $50 $ 0 $ 50 1 50 70 120 2 50 120 170 3 50 150 200 4 50 220 270 5 50 300 350 6 50 390 440 1.

    Develop an equation to determine the correlation coefficient

    Use linear regression to develop a predictive model for demand for ironing board covers based on sales of irons. Year--------Sales of Irons (000)----Demand for Covers (000) 1---------------8-------------------------------5 2---------------7-------------------------------2 3--------------- 10----------

    10 Multiple Choice Questions-Business Management -Author, Robert N. Lussier

    Business Management Author, Robert N. Lussier 1. Behavioral theorist a. are similar to systems and classical theorists in the way they conceptualize the organization and its problems. b. Break the organization into its component parts to understand the whole c. Look at the organization as a whole to understand the interre

    Management Accounting: Variable Costs and Joint Product

    1) If variable costs per unit decrease, sales volume at the break-even point will: a. increase b. decrease c. remain the same d. remain the same; however, contribution margin per unit will decrease 2) A joint product should be processed beyond split-off if additional revenue from further processing exceeds a. joint cost

    Dean Nate Young: How to manage cost cuts for the University Business School

    Case Scenario Nate Young is the dean of a business school. The university is under strong financial pressures, and the university president has asked all the deans to cut costs. Nate is wondering how he should respond to this request. The university receives its operating funds from three sources (1) tuition (60%), (2) g

    Unconstrained Optimization: level of production that maximizes profits

    Unconstrained Optimization 1. Assume that you can sell widgets at $25 per widgets, for as many widgets as you can make. Assume that the marginal cost of producing each widget increases with the number of widgets that are produced. The formula is MC(Y) = Y2. For example, the marginal cost of producing the second widget is 4

    Operations Management: Leather-All line of handmade leather products

    Two questions (both questions relate to one another) - Chapter 3 #22 and #23. #22 Leather-All produces a line of handmade leather products. At the present time the company is producing only belts, hand bags and cases. The predicted demand for these three type of items over a six-month planning horizon is as follows: (SEE ATTACHE

    Mr. Meadows Cookie Company: Total cost of the constant workforce plan

    Production and Operation Analysis - 4th edition - Steven Nahmias - Question 36 - Chapter 3 The Mr. Meadows Cookie Company can obtain accurate forecasts for 12 months based on firm orders. These forecasts and the number of workdays per month are: Month Demand Forecast Workdays (in K's of cookies)

    Forecasting Quarterly Demand for a Product

    A manager is using the equation below to forecast quarterly demand for a product: Yt = 6,000 + 80t where t = 0 at Q2 of last year Quarter relatives are Q1 = .6, Q2 = 0.9, Q3 = 1.3, and Q4 = 1.2. What forecasts are appropriate for the last quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year?