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    Small business management and break even point

    A barber asked me to evaluate his business. He has five barbers working for him. Each barber is paid $4 per hour plus $6 for each haircut and works 40hrs week and a 50 week year. Rent and other fixed expenses ($1,750) per month. What is the contribution margin per haircut? What is the annual break-even point (in number of haircu

    Gerry Putz is a graduate assistant at Hoosier State College.

    Use the following data for the next question. Gerry Putz is a graduate assistant at Hoosier State College. As part of his duties, he holds regular office hours each week. The class he helps teach is very large - a requirement for all incoming freshmen - so demand for his services during office hours is fairly heavy and consiste

    Waiting Line

    Gerry Putz is a graduate assistant at Hoosier State College. As part of his duties, he holds regular office hours each week. The class he helps teach is very large - a requirement for all incoming freshmen - so demand for his services during office hours is fairly heavy and consistent. For a project in his advanced service manag


    I'm looking at the stockholders piece but I am not sure how to start...i'VE GIVEN THE WHOLE SCEANRIO...JSUT LOOKING AT WHAT IS EPXECTED OF ME LOOKIG A TATHE STOCKHOLDER PART For multinational corporations, friction costs arise where practices of the firm are seen by the public as exploitative or unethical. These actions lead

    Series of questions

    1. You run a clothing store and employ several salespeople. A friend comes in and asks you a favor. He has selected a $900 suit off the rack and wants a one-time 50 percent discount. How should you respond? If you acquiesce, word will spread to others that your business is cut-rate; more customers will expect sizable discount

    Discuss: Shareholder Wealth vs Corporate Wealth Maximization

    The primary goal - and in effect the only goal - of the management at U.S. publicly held corporations is to maximize the wealth of their stockholders. This type of management is called the Shareholder Wealth Maximization (SWM) model. SWM is very popular in the U.S. On the other hand, there are people who may argue that a company

    Nasdaq versus NYSE

    Visit both the New Your Stock Exchange (NYSE: http://www.nyse.com/home.html) and the NASDAQ: http://www.nasdaq.com/, and write on how the two exchanges operate., make sure to address the following three questions: 1. How are NYSE and NASDAQ similar, if at all? 2. How are the two exchanges different from one another, if at a

    Linear Progamming / Production Schedule

    I'm having a hard time setting up an Excel solver model for the problem below: Owens-Wheat uses two production lines to produce three types of fiberglass mats. The demand requirements for each type of mat (in tons) for the next four months are as follows: Month Mat Type 1 2 3 1 200

    Develop a cohesive plan for correcting the problems

    You have been temporarily assigned to the Copier rehabilitation facility near Charleston, SC. During your first two days on site, you discover that the copiers that need to be rehabilitated arrive at irregular intervals in varying quantities from distributors throughout the country. Your first analysis indicates that the dist

    Opinion required

    You have been asked to speak about the topic of responsibility centers to a group of executives at a conference. For this speech you should select a company/business that you are familiar with and briefly describe it. Give three examples of responsibility centers in that business. Describe how these responsibility centers inter

    Describe how you would measure performance in each of these areas

    The following multiple goals were identified by General Electric: · Profitability · Market position · Productivity · Product Leadership · Personnel Development · Employee attitudes · Public responsibility · Balance between short-range and long-range goals General Electric is a huge, highly decentralized

    Factors Related to Sample Size

    In a city with a population of 120,000 determine how many people use blenders, what size sample would be needed to estimate within 5% points of the actual percentage - within a 95% confidence limit. Nothing is known about the probability of success or failure....let s = 0.5


    Apex Mutual fund invests primarily in technology stocks. The price of the fund at the end of each month for the 12 months are as follows: January - 19.39 February - 18.96 March 18.20 April 17.89 May 18.43 June 19.98 July 19.51 August 20.63 sEPTEMBER 19.78 October 21.25 November 21.18 December 22.14 QUESTION: FIN

    Critical Thinking

    1. Is it possible to make good decisions without thinking critically? Why or why not? 2. How would you determine when short term or long term goals should drive a decision? 3. What is the relationship between critical thinking (CT) and ethics? NOTE: Response should include an example

    Market Research for a new online casino

    I am keen to launch an online casino soon in the United Kingdom. From my readings, I have discovered that a successful business needs to understands its customers, needs, wants, habits and attitudes. Could someone please inform where I may be able to obtain the following information for the online casino market?? - know

    Calculating productivity: Netty's Christmas Trees

    Netty produces Christmas tree ornaments for resale at local craft fairs and Christmas bazaars. She is currently working a total of 15 hours per day to produce 300 ornaments. a) What is Netty's productivity? b) Netty thinks that by redesigning the ornaments and switching from contact cement to a hot-glue gun, she can increase h

    Operations management - Productivity Measures

    A lumber company produces 240 apple crates per 100 logs. The company currently purchases 100 logs per day and each log requires 3 labour hours to process. The boss of the company believes that he can hire a professional buyer who can purchase better quality logs at the same cost. These logs will increase his production to 260

    Managerial Economics: Regression Model. Express this sales forecasting model in the form of the constant rate of change growth model with continuous compounding. Forecast the value of t at which sales will equal 4,000 units.

    SBI, Inc. has estimated the following regression model of sales using 250 weekly sales figures representing the firm's sales history over the past 5 years: lnSt = 6.561 + 0.06t, R2 = 0.99 (0.03) (0.02) Where St is unit sales in time period (week) t and the numbers in parenthesis are the standard deviations of t

    Business responses

    Please complete the attached responses to the best of your ability, there right or wrong answers, just personal opinions for communication purposes. For example, such as hand-shaking, gestures, and etc... Notes: you have to actually give examples, of what kind of culture, age and other information. --- Give five people of

    Forecasting/using Mean Absolute Deviation in Excel or Crystal Ball/OPTQuest

    I need to forecast out 12 months using 3 different techniques, and then decide which one is best based on MAD (mean absolute deviation). Using some historical data for the past 40 periods (see attachment) I need to make a forecast for the next 12 periods (periods 41 thru 52) using 3 of the simple forecasting techniques we ha

    Selling Stocks at a Price

    Every time someone sells a stock believing that the price of that security will soon decrease, someone else: a. is buying that stock believing that the price will increase b. is buying that stock believing that the price will decrease. c. is buying that stock in order to increase the price. d. is buying that stock in o

    M-1 Definition of Money Supply

    All of the following are included in the M-1 definition of the money supply except: a. currency b. checking account deposits c. traveler checks d. savings account deposits

    Number of Information Technology Workers

    The number of information technology workers in the United States: a. far exceeds the number of workers actually needed in the information technology field. b. Is essentially in equilibrium, with the number of jobs nearly equal to the number of workers seeking employment in this field. c. Currently is smaller than the nu

    Intro to Business

    TV programs devoted exclusively to promoting goods and services are called: a. testimonials b. infomercials c. interactive TV d. online computer advertising

    Management Science Problem

    Please work the following problem on an EXCEL spreadsheet. An elegant solution is not required, Just provide all the steps so I will understand the concept and be able to replicate it for similar problems. Also, provide a written description leading me through the solution. PROBLEM: A Company must make decisions on weekl

    Seasonal forecasting

    For this assignment, our teacher gave us data for 144 periods and asks us... "use the best forecasting technique for forecast 12 periods into the future. State all relevant assumptions, and briefly describe the technique(s) you used." <data attached> Now, I'm assuming this would be a seasonal forecast, but I'm not s

    Reward Completing the Task Work the Efforts

    According to Victor Vroom, one of the questions an employee will ask before committing maximum effort toward completing a task is: a. is the reward for completing the task worth the effort involved? b. when can I start the task, and how long will it take? c. Are other workers expected to do the same amount of work? d. Has t