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Electronic brainstorming and Production Blocking

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I know electronic brainstorming tends to reduce the adverse effects of evaluation apprehension and production blocking that occur in traditional team decision making sessions.

What I can't figure out is how these two concepts adversly affect the traditional team decision making and why they are less likely to occur in the electronic brainstorming.

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How evaluation apprehension and Production Blocking adversely affect the traditional team decision-making?
Evaluation apprehension adversely affects the traditional decision making by making the opinion contributor inhibited, especially in case of face-to-face contact and meeting situations. The participant becomes more conscious of how he will be 'evaluated' or assessed not only by his superiors but also by his peers For example, a production manager in a traditional face to face meeting may be more conscious of his appearance, his voice and persuasiveness than the productivity of the meeting. In addition he may not want to look ill informed in the presence of the ...

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