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Case study - The new recruit

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Case study attached.

1. Is the case study ,read the case and in the end there are 4 questions answer them briefly.

2. This page contains questions that need to be answered after reading the case. The format and the questions are also included. These questions should be answered in detail.

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1. In Palo Alto there was a recruitment problem of getting qualified engineers, the competition was fierce and relocation cost was great.
2. One new recruit June had resigned on joining causing additional problems for Stan.
3. She had not been given the extra time payment which she felt was due to her by Lou Snider.
4. June had got herself a one room apartment and she had wanted the money to make the three month payment on rent.
5. She had tried to contact the group manager Harry, but even though Harry had promised during recruitment that he was always available for any problems and even though June had an appointment with him, he had left for outstation work.
6. Stan thought that the company should give a loan to June to help her tide over her financial problems.
7. However, June made a demand that she would retract her resignation only if Stan agreed to rehire her as a temporary, which would give her twenty percent more salary and relatively fewer benefits.
1. This was a competitive market for qualified engineers.
2. The cost of relocation was high.
3. The cost of living was high also.
4. June had submitted a resignation letter.
5. Lou Snider had not communicated about the overtime payment that was due to June and this had caused payment problems for June.
6. Harry had promised that he would be available for discussion but he had left town when June was supposed to meet with ...

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