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    Business Management

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    BATNA (best alternative solution to negotiate a solution: Gallant's relocation

    Please see attachment for case study. Questions: What specific strategic information does Elizabeth know that Rafael doesn't know, and what specific strategic information does Rafael know that Elizabeth doesn't know? And based on this information what is the BATNA (best alternative solution to negotiate a solution) and

    Career Training and Development

    Your supervisor has asked you to research ideas on career development activities for its employees that your company can implement. Post your ideas for the top three career development activities that you think your organization and other organizations should provide for their employees. Why are these important? Consider your an

    Gap Corp: What happened to Gap between 2000 and 2002; how did they fix it?

    Gap Corp, which includes Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy divisions, suffered through two full years of declining business, between 2000 and 2002. 1. What happened to them and what have they done to try to get the business back on track? 2. What target customer are they now focusing on for their GAP stores? (WWD archive

    Case for critical thinking: Cablevision slims down to beef up profits

    Visit the investor information sect of cablevision's website, http://www.cablevision.com (check out the financial news) 1. why did the management team at cablevision decide not to reduce customer service staff in the cable operation? 2. how did the company's sinking stock price affect its financial management? 3. why

    Critical thinking

    Why we think and what is thinking? Brainstorm the questions and provide your definitions of thinking. Relate them to your own experience. Add any personal story that contributes to the topic. How do you think differently from other people? Does your mind seem to move quickly or slowly? Do your thoughts come out in jumbles o

    Principles for Managing Change

    The following two principles are the most important to follow when managing change: 1. Thought processes and relationship dynamics are fundamental if change is to be successful. 2. A clearly defined vision of the end result enables all the people to define the most efficient path for accomplishing the results. - why ar

    Tech Planet first-round job interviews and wacky follow-up sessions. Effective?

    Tech Planet, of Menlo Park, CA, uses weekly lunches and "wacky follow-up sessions" as substitutes for first-round job interviews. During the informal meals, potential employees are expected to mingle, and they are then reviewed by the Tech Planet employees they meet at the luncheons. One Tech Planet employee asks candidates to r

    Strategic Management

    Which of the following is NOT consistent with maximizing stockholder wealth? (a) Increasing product quality (b) Increasing productivity (c) Maximizing the growth rate (d) Reducing capital costs (e) Maximizing the company's return on investment (ROI)

    Unit 3

    Unit 3 - IP Note: You will have to complete the activity for this unit in order to fulfill the requirements of this assignment. Go to Course Materials, Unit 3, Activity. Now that you have your supervisor's opinion, prepare a response for Jennifer and Mel highlighting your thoughts. Here are the questions they need answere

    Strengths and weaknesses of the document about T-shirts at a bookseller's show

    I am a new publisher with some really great books to sell. I saw your announcement in Publishers Weekly about the bookseller's show you're having this summer, and I think it's a great idea. Count me in, folks! I would like to get some space to show my books. I thought it would be a neat thing if I could do some live airbrushing

    Strategic Management: Actions Indicating a Reengineering

    Which of the following actions would you expect to see in a company that is undergoing a reengineering? (a) Hiring more managers (b) Hiring more workers (c) Examining activities from a customer's point of view (d) Investing more product R&D (e) Centralizing decision-making authority.

    Strategic Management is overviewed.

    The ability to realize cost economies from global volume is greatest in the case of (a) products that need to be customized to local requirements (b) commodity-type products that serve universal needs (c) low-weight, high-value products that can be differentiated by global companies (d) products that can be eco

    Big Lots: A Premium on Being Cheap

    During a period of economic slowdown, discount retailers are all the rage. As consumers are forced to become more frugal, stores like Big Lots are attracting more business. Big Lots is known as a closeout retailer. They purchase discontinued or repackaged products and sell them for up to 70% off the suggested retail price. The r

    Strategic Management

    You are a marketing executive of a fast food company and have been asked by your supervisor to evaluate the positioning of two of your major competitors, Wendy's and McDonald's. Wendy's has focused primarily on the adult market while McDonald's has fashioned an all-out pursuit of the kids market (as evidenced by the numerous adv

    Process Costing Problems

    Assume only conversion costs are being considered in this situation. On July 1, the finishing department had Work in Process inventory of 6,600 units which were 50% complete and had a value of $82,472. During July, costs of $787,760 were incurred in the finishing department and 31,500 units were transferred into the department.

    Application of Strategic Management Principles to the Able Corporation

    In six months you are to present a complete business plan for Able Corporation to the strategic officers Steering Committee (SOS-C). Able corporation is a US manufacturing company located in Tennessee that builds power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves and ranges. All products are manufactured locally and sold throu

    Supply management is discussed.

    Limiting the number of suppliers ___________. (a) is the responsibility of top management (b) may allow a firm to achieve superior quality (c) may allow a firm to achieve superior innovation (d) is the responsibility of research & development (e) is the responsibility of manufacturing

    Forecasting inventories & end-of-year retained earnings

    Please show all work so I can understand how to work similar situations. Thanks 1) Suppose forecasted sales are $26,117 and the gross profit margin is expected to be 35.00 percent. If the forecasted ratio of inventories to cost of sales is 20.00 percent, compute the forecasted inventories balance for the pro forma financial

    Forecasting sales and growth rates

    Suppose sales were $28,873, $35,626, and $47,689 for the years 2000, 2001, and 2002, respectively. Compute the annual growth rate in sales for 2001 and 2002. Compute the arithmetic average growth rate based on the annual growth rate calculations. Using the arithmetic average growth rate, compute the forecast for sales for 2003