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Technology Management - Wendy's Questions

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Some questions regarding Wendy's Hamburgers and their ability to adapt to their environment. I've attached a case study I found on Wendy's can you give me your opinions on:

WENDY'S is an excellent example of an organization that has displayed environmental adaptability. However, the external environment has three components: the remote environment, the industry environment, and the operating environment. Take sides on whether WENDY'S displayed adaptability in all three environments.

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The question wants you to study the case about Wendy's and comment on the manner in which the company has adapted to its environment.

There are some assumptions that the question makes. First, the question assumes that the changes that Wendy's has made are examples of environmental adaptability. However, in a large number of cases these changes have only been reactions to the threats in the environment. For instance, when the prices of beef started moving up, it would have been a good time for Wendy to have introduced chicken sandwiches, however Wendy's initial reaction was only a cost reduction and streamlining of the patties. Second, the question assumes that the external environment can be divided into three watertight parts, this is not supported by evidence. A different building design which the author may classify as the operating environment might be a reaction to the McDonald's parcel counter to speed up delivery. Thirdly, the author assumes that a person can take sides with regards to the companies adaptability. This is not supported by evidence. For ...

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