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    Wendy's and Anna Ayala

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    Internal memo
    Date: November 11, 2012
    To: Emil Brolick, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wendy's
    From: Sam Anderson (Public Relations Officer)
    Subject: Analysis of communication techniques.

    For Wendy's, the accusations made by Anna Ayala, a customer, who reportedly found a portion of a human finger in a bowl of beef chili, was a communications challenge. As Wendy's strived to investigate the case and communicate its position to the media, its sales declined and many employees had to be laid off.

    The preliminary investigations carried out by Wendy's based on internal inquiries, assessment of employees, exam of the past records of employees involved in the preparation of beef chili for Anna Ayala, and the inspection of Wendy's communication with its public leads to the following:
    - Communication between Wendy's and its intended public was moderately successful. Even though the public was persuaded about the earnestness of Wendy's, the sales of Wendy's declined.
    - The internal public involved in the case were the workers of Wendy's, the management team of Wendy's, and the parent company of Wendy's. The external public in this case were Anna Ayala, the customers, the media personnel, prospective customers, the employees' families, and the fast food restaurant industry.
    - The impact of the communications on the intended public was that the ...

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