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    Carl Pearson's coefficient of skewness

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    The following table gives the distribution of daily traveling allowance to salesmen in a company

    Traveling # of salesmen
    100-120 14
    120-140 16
    140-160 20
    160-180 18
    180-200 15
    200-220 7
    220-240 6
    240-260 4

    Compute Karl Pearson's co-efficient of skewness and comment on its value.

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    Step-1: Calculate mid points for the class interval
    Step2: Calculate average
    Step3: Calculate Median
    Step4: Calculate ...

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    This posting illustrates how to calculate the Carl Pearson's coefficient of skewness and interpreting its value. The step-by-step process is provided for the students to understand its calculations and its relationship with other statistical measures such as mean, standard deviation and mode.