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Moving average for forecasting demand

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The ABC Floral Shop sold the following number of geraniums during the last two weeks:
Day Demand Day Demand
1 200 8 150
2 134 9 182
3 157 10 197
4 165 11 136
5 177 12 163
6 125 13 157
7 146 14 169
Develop a spreadsheet to answer the following questions.
1. Calculate a forecast of the above demand using a three- and five-period moving average.
2. Graph these forecasts and the original data using Excel. What does the graph show?
3. Which of the above forecasts is best? Why?

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Solution Summary

The solution includes Excel spreadsheet to calculate 3-day and 5-day moving average with graph. Finally which forecast is better is suggested based on graphical representation.

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Day Demand 3-day moving average 5-Day moving average MAD 3-Day MA MAD 5-Day ...

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