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Statistical Figures

Excel Dashboard and Profitability Analysis

Please help with the following problem. I need a profitability analysis for the customers (each TAB is considered ONE customer) in the attached Excel file. I need it split up by each "facility #" customer and then I need a roll-up to include ALL facilities for each customer so we can see big picture how the customer is

Control Charts and Nonconforming Proportions

1)Np - Chart A receiving inspection station regularly samples 125 incoming washers to determine whether the inner diameter conforms to specifications. The number of nonconforming washers detected in the last 10 lots is shown below. Develop an np-chart to document the findings. Average, UCL, LCL Trends? Runs? Out of Control? Lo

Control Charts.

You have taken data from a production process in order to develop an Xbar control chart. You have 25 samples of data with 5 parts measured in each sample to get the Xbar. Use this data shown in the table. Sample Xbar 1 2.12 2 2.22 3 1.98 4 2.24 5 1.97 6 1.99 7 2.1

The Importance of Histrograms

Why are histograms useful? What are some of the difficulties in creating histograms? Give some examples where a histogram is useful. Here is some back ground info on a histogram: A Histogram shows the frequencies, absolute or relative, that a specific variable takes on certain values. For example, if you rolled a die, you

Spanish and English Survey Variables

We handed out 72 spanish surveys and 22 english surveys with the following variables: Age ex:17-25 income ex: 31,000-40,000 Position in your current job ex:administrative i quess those are the variables **************************************************************** then there are 29 questions that were done on each s

Statistics - Probability.

The owner of a restaurant serving Continental-style entrees has the business objective of learning more about patterns of patron demand for the Friday to Sunday weekend time period. Data were collected on 630 customers on the type of course ordered and are listed in the table below. Type of Entry Number Served Beef 187 Chi

Pie Chart of Blood Types

. Below are the blood types of 16 blood donors. O- A+ O- O+ AB- A- A+ B+ O+ A+ B- O+ A- O+ B- B+ i. Make a frequency table using these 7 blood types: O+, O-, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB- ii. What is (are) the mode(s)? iii. Does it make sense to talk about the average

Project management tools are emphasized.

Search the Web for project planning tools and describe at least 2. Download a demo or two, and build a project so you can see the different PM charts (Gantt, CPM, Pert, etc.). Comment on the ease in which you were able to build each of the charts. Which tool would you recommend to your classmates, if any, and why?

Conversion of Data To a Pie Chart

Please help me with an assignment by explaining this problem: Task: Of the estimated natural gas reserves in North America, 4.59 *10^9 m ^3 are in the United States. 2.66*10^9 m^3 are in Canada, and 1.99*10^9 m^3 are in Mexico. In making a circle graph (circular sectors represent percentage of the whole - a pie chart) with a

Promoting from Within versus Hiring from Outside: Analyzing a Graph.

It is claimed that its better to hire a manager from outside a firm than promote one from within. A human resources analyst at a firm justifies this claim by showing that average performance evaluations tend to be significantly higher for managers hired from outside the firm compared with those promoted from within. Look a

Types of Graphs In Math Education

An important idea in data interpretation is choosing which graph to use under which circumstances. Describe the benefits of different graphs for different sets of data: 1) Pictographs 2) Line graphs 3) Circle or pie graphs 4) Histograms and line plots 5) Stem-and-leaf plots

Upper and lower control limits: X-bar chart and R-chart

Find the upper and lower control limits for an X-bar chart and R-chart for the width of a chair seat when sample grand mean (based on 30 samples of 6 observations each) is 27 inches and the average range is 0.35 inches. Please use Excel.

2-1 business statistics

Construct a column chart for the data in the excel file state unemployment rates to allow a comparison of the June rate with historical highs and lows. Would any other charts be better to visually covey this information? Why or why not? State Unemployment Rates State June 2008 Rate Historical High Historical Low

Graphs, Bars, and Histogram Questions

1. In constructing a histogram for given data set (let say age data of your community people), how many class intervals will you consider in the graph. Would you tell us the rules to determine the number of class intervals in constructing a frequency table of a continuous outcome measure data? 2. Would you please tell us with a

Manufacturer of exercise bicycles: Months owned vs hours used last week

A manufacturere of exercise bicycles is studying the relationship between the number of months an exercise bicycle has been owned and the length of time it was used last week. Data for a random sample of 7 owners are proviced in the table below. Months owned (x) Hours used last week 14

Linear Regression and Scatter Plot

The table is average tuition at private colleges and universities for selected years. Year 1985 1990 1995 2000 2008 Tuition 5330 9335 12335 16212 25122 Using the TI-83, find the least-squares regression line that models the data and graph the data on a scatter plot and use the calculator to estimate the tuition for 2005.

Various Statistical Problems

See the attached file. Problem 2.5 The following information is collected from students upon exiting the campus bookstore during the first week of classes: a. Amount of time spent shopping in the bookstore b. Number of textbooks purchased c. Academic major d. Gender Classify each of these variables as categorical o

Chart the decay rate of tennis players in a tournament

See attached file for data. Part 1. Each year the local country club sponsors a tennis tournament. Play starts with 128 participants. During each round, half of the players are eliminated. How many players remain after 5 rounds? Chart the decay rate. Part 2. Given the following data: [img src="@17728859"] - Please vie

Statistics Chapter 2 - Describing Data

6. A small business consultant is investigating the performance of several companies. The fourth quarter sales for last year (in thousands of dollars) for selected companies were... 8. A set of data consists of 45 observations between ... 10. A set of data consists of 53 observations. The lowest value is ... 16. The followi

Compute the mean and range of each sample, Control charts

Mount Blanc Hospital is working on improving waiting time in order to give customers better service in their waiting rooms. Forty samples of size 5 were taken at random times from their main waiting room. These data can be found on the attached worksheet. 1) Compute the mean and range of each sample and plot them on cont

Bar Charts and Confidence Interval

The following data were collected on the examination results of biology students in 4 second level biology modules: There were 20 - 30 students in each class: 1. Vertebrate Physiology & Evolution: 56, 57, 67, 75, 45, 35, 56, 67, 82, 91, 58, 60, 61, 63, 76, 54, 36, 45, 67, 57, 60, 63, 76, 78, 50, 60, 54. 2. Practical Ski

Statistical Process Control for Richardo's Widgets

See attached files. Ricardo's Widgets makes a critical part for a popular brand of cell phones. Consider the data for 15 samples of size 4 of a key dimension for the part, show in the worksheet. Specifications are 0.110 +/- 0.015. a. Compute control limits for an x-chart using the statistic R/d2 as an estimate of the stand

Data Collection and Interpretation

See the attached data file. Data collection on Century National Bank 1. Display your data in both tabular and graphical formats. 2. Identify some primary data collection methods that could be used to collect data.

Graphical Representation of Data

There are three tables needed as the columns indicate. 1. Premium/100 workers 2. Frequency Rates (LTC/100) 3. Average Cost Per LTC I need to show the trends, in an easy digestible way. It can be in Excel. I just need it to look graphically appealing.

Chart and Graphs Distinguishes Histogram from Bar Chart

A. What distinguishes a histogram from a bar chart? B. What would be an appropriate graphical representation to show the dispersion of home prices in a particular city, such as San Diego? Consider what would be the dependent (y) and independent (x) variables? Explain your reasoning.

Scatter Plots

Sketch a scatter plot that could represent data from each of the following. Label the axes to indicate the independent and dependent variable. 1. People's ages (starting at 20) and their reaction times 2. Oven temperature and the cooking time for a turkey 3. Exposure to sunlight and the risk of heart attacks

Statistics: Using the Data Analysis Toolpac in Excel

See the attached file. I need some help getting started with this assignment. I don't want the assignment done for me. I just have no idea where to start. I have limited experience with Excel. The actual assignment is attached and it includes the instructions. I would appreciate it if someone was able to direct me on the