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    Conversion of Data To a Pie Chart

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    Please help me with an assignment by explaining this problem:

    Task: Of the estimated natural gas reserves in North America, 4.59 *10^9 m ^3 are in the United States. 2.66*10^9 m^3 are in Canada, and 1.99*10^9 m^3 are in Mexico. In making a circle graph (circular sectors represent percentage of the whole - a pie chart) with a radius of 4.00 cm for these data, what are the central angle and area of the sector that represents Canadian Reserves?

    Note: Theta is 2 times area divided by radius squared.

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    To solve this, we first total the gas reserves and determine the percent of each country's reserve as a part of the total. Then we multiply that portion, as a decimal, times 2Pi to get the central angle of each sector. We can also ...

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    This solution converts data to a pie chart with a full explanation of the mathematical techniques used. This particular case is based upon petroleum reserves by country, but can be applied to any case where data needs to be displayed in a pie chart format.