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Spanish and English Survey Variables

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We handed out 72 spanish surveys and 22 english surveys with the following variables:
Age ex:17-25
income ex: 31,000-40,000
Position in your current job ex:administrative
i quess those are the variables
then there are 29 questions that were done on each survey:
each question had the following posible answeres:
4=Strongly Agree
5=Strongly disagree

i inputed all of the surveys into excel.
for lets say english workshhet i need data analysys saying something like
I feel happy with my job .if 22 people answered 1 then out of the 22 are administrative and what age were they and and whay salary were they.
nned a bar graph and or pie chart . which ever chart is easier to read.
but i need % most importantly

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The expert examines Spanish and English survey variables.

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Herewith I have attached 2 xlsx sheets.

1) Spanish - in which ...

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