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Statistical Figures

Sample of Chart/Graph

Sample of Chart/Graph a. Identify the type of chart/graph. Identify what this type of chart is usually used to depict. (e.g., Pie shows portion of the whole, line shows trends over time, etc.) Was the proper chart used to present this data? Why or why not? b. Was this the best way to display the data? Why?

X-bar Control Chart and Capability Index in Excel

Pieces 12.62 12.63 12.62 12.61 12.59 12.57 12.57 12.58 12.61 12.62 12.6 12.56 12.56 12.66 12.58 12.63 12.56 12.57 12.6 12.59 12.62 12.6 12.57 12.62 12.57 12.6 12.61 12.6 12.62 12.62 12.61 12.59 12.58 12.61 12.59 12.6 12.59 12.6 12.6 12.59 12.65 12.6 12.63 12.6 12.56 12.59 12.59 12.61 12.65 12.56 Questions 1


Instructions ? Word-process your solutions within this document. Expand the space as necessary. ? Show all the steps in your solutions. Problem 1 Given y = f(x) = x2 + 2x +3 a) Use the definitional formula given below to find the derivative of the function. b) Find the value of the derivative at x = 3. Problem 2


Details: Your regional manager is impressed with how you have used spreadsheets to assist your small company in saving time and more accurately figuring out payroll amounts. The manager has asked you to share your knowledge with the other supervisors. Prepare a short discussion of the five most important items you would share wi

Pareto Chart and Frequency Pareto analysis is a statistical technique in decision making that is used for selection of a limited number of tasks that produce significant overall effect. The chart shows that the most important factors related to students' performance are (in this order): Attendance, Teacher, Extra Curricular, Teacher Style, Community Involvement, and GPA. In other words, these factors are responsible for the 80% of students' performance.

Please explain what the Pareto Chart tells regarding 80 percent and 20 percent means. Based on the information and the pareto chart what would you work on based upon what the Pareto Chart is telling you? This is the data to construct the Pareto chart and The team has collected data for Everyday High School (E

Descriptive Statistics and Plots

I figured a way to do the histogram and stem-leaf, but I do not have the add-in for excel (phstat2) to do the boxplot and I have no idea how to do an ogive. Can someone please critique/correct my information and help with the boxplot and ogive. See the attached file.

IS Business: develop a pie chart to express the market position of top products

1. Develop a pie chart or other indicator that expresses the market position of your fictitious IS business in terms of its top five products or services. List these and identify the market percentage for each. Produce this exercise in a manner that fits your business. If your business does not serve the public, you may break ou

Statistics - Pareto Diagram, Pie Chart

In the summer 2000, a growing number of warranty claims on Firestone tires sold on Ford SUVs prompted Firestone and Ford to issue a major recall. An analysis of warranty-claims data helped identify which models to recall. A breakdown of 2,504 warranty claims based on tire size is given in the following table: Tire Size

Demand and supply conditions in the perfectly competitive

Question #4. Lawn mowing services are supplied by a host of individuals in the suburb of Westbrook. Demand and supply conditions in the perfectly competitive domestic for lawn mowing services are: P = $75 - 1.75QD (Demand) P = $2QS (Supply) where P is price per lawn mowed and Q is quantity of lawns mowed per day. a.)


14.16 (a) Plot the data on U.S. general aviation shipments. (b) Describe the pattern and discuss possible causes. (c) Would a fitted trend be helpful? Explain. (d) Make a similar graph for 1992-2003 only. Would a fitted trend be helpful in making a prediction for 2004? (e) Fit a trend model of your choice to the 1992-2003 data.

Statistics, Selling Price & Real Estate Property Questions

Please see the attachment. This is for study purposes only. ------ 5. The dependent variable shown in the plot is the selling price of the real estate property. 6. The plot shows a total of 10 pairs of observations that incorporate the two variables, living area and selling price. 7. The relationship between the two

Use of Graphic Displays for Data Research

Why do we use graphical displays of the data from our research, such as Pareto Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Flow Charts, or Process Control Charts? How has the graphical display of data changed in the last 10 years? How will it change in the next 10 years?

Measurements with Graph or Chart

Standard Test Scores Name Gender Absences PE Math Writing Reading Alex Boy 5 49 85 86 80 Anthony Boy 18 51 39 71 75 Douglas Boy 1 82 74 78 79 Jorge Boy 4 56 66 68 60 Joshua Boy 5 83 79 78 77 Luke Boy 0 94 89 84 84 Robert Boy 17 36 36 56 50 Rupert Boy 4 24 55 56 52 Seth Boy 0 61 92 89 83 Wayne Boy 1 65 92 96 91 Blair

Statistical Chart: How to Summarize Data in the Chart

What I need to do is summarize the results in a chart stating x # of participants were insecure at the start and x changed by the end of the study. The following is the information that would need to be enter. 90 Participants all had insecure attachment behavior. Group A was given no intervention, Group B was given one interv

Regression Formula and Interest Rates: Housing Example

Please see attachment. If interest rates fall another one percentage point to 3 percent in August. There is also broad agreement that interest rates will remain low for a long time to come. By the end of the summer, mortgage rates could have crept down to just over 4 percent, the lowest level in modern times. Mortgage rates a

Finding Proportions from Histograms

1) Weight Away, a company that sells weight-loss plans, often advertises the effectiveness of its plans by highlighting the stories of a few clients who have lost extraordinary amounts of weight. To get a better indication of the general effectiveness of the plans, we asked Weight Away to send us information about "typical" clie

Chi square testing and Bar Chart help

15.7 One-year sales volume of four similar 20-oz. beverages on a college campus is shown. (a) Make a bar chart and describe it. (b) Calculate expected frequencies for each class. (c) Perform the chi square test for a uniform distribution. At α = .05, does this sample contradict the assumption that sales are the same

Manchester Foundry: Scatter plot and trend line

Manchester Foundry produced 45,000 tons of steel in March at a cost of 1,150,000. In April, the foundry produced 35,000 tons at a cost of 950,000. Using only these two data points, determine the cost functions for Manchester.B) Use Excel's "scatterplot" graphing function to plot the two points and the "trendline" option to deter

Constructing bar charts and pie charts

During 2001, the Campbell Foundation provided the following amounts in grants: Camden, N.J., $1,336,700; plant communities, $341,500; Dollars for Doers, $179, 600; other projects, $64,100. a. Construct a pie chart to summarize these contributions. b. Construct a bar chart to summarize these contributions c. Why is it ap

Create a bar chart in Excel

The following US market shares for automobile and light-truck sales for 2001 and 2002 have been reported. Country Manufacture 2001 2002 North America 82.2% 80.7% Japan 9.6 10.5 Europe 4.6 5.0 Korea 3.6

How would you construct a x chart based on these 10 samples? How would you construct an R chart based on these samples. Are there any points that have gone out of control? What conclusion can make with these results about the quality control in the production What non-statistical quality method(s) can I use to ensure quality in products?

If a food processing company specified that the weight of each box containing 20 × 750 gram jars of jam should be 15 kg with a tolerance of 100 grams per box. A statistical quality control operation was set up and the following data was obtained: Sample Number Weight in kg 1 15.02 15.02 15.08 15.06 2 15.10 15.24 15.0

Basic statistics and Graphs ..

2. The Degree of Reading Power (DRP) test is often used to measure the reading ability of children. Here are the DRP scores of 44 third-grade students, measured during research on ways to improve reading performance: 40, 26, 39, 14, 42, 18, 25, 43, 46, 27, 19, 47, 19, 26, 35, 34, 15, 44, 40, 38, 31, 46, 52, 25, 35, 35, 33, 29,

Hypothesis testing for business research

Can anyone help with this one? I'm kind of lost. You have asked to research the high absenteeism rate in your company. One required analysis is to be by gender. Assume you have been asked to do the study via a survey. § What secondary research might you do before doing the survey? § Other than gender what other

Correlation and regression - A sociologist in interested in the relation between x = number of job changes and y = annual salary( in thousands of dollars) for people living in ...

A sociologist in interested in the relation between x = number of job changes and y = annual salary( in thousands of dollars) for people living in the Nashville area. A random sample of 10 people employed in Nashville provided the following information: ( You may have to re-write the graph below because I cannot get it to line u

Graph the equation

The number of people employed in a chain of workshops is related to the size by the equation: employees = size / 1,000 + 3 Draw a graph of this equation and use it to find the number of employees in a workshop of size 50,000 units.

Statistics - Histogram Relative frequencies

Please construct a Histogram using this information. also show relative frequencies and show class boundaries and height. Please do the class boundaries , relative frequencies and height on the table ,then do the histogram , Thank you Intervals Frequencies 1-2 20 3-5 30 6-8 35

How to make histograms with M&M count data

Take the M&M data and the M&M data from all of your classmates (already attached info on this post) and make two histograms. Make two histograms from (1) the total count in each bag for yourself, and (2) from the average or mean from all the class members (my info is Kris). To make the histogram you can either make one by

Stats Q and A ... making graphs to display data

Please see attached. Utilize graphical representation to present data, show all your work: 2.19 Construct a histrogram, a frequency polygon, and an ogive for the following frequency distribution. Class Interval Frequency 50-under 60 13 60-under 70 27 70-under 80 43 80-under 90 31 90-under 100