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Statistical Figures

Tabular and Graphical Presentations : Histograms, Bar Graphs and Pie Charts

In alphabetical order, the six most common last names in the United States are Brown, Davis, Johnson, Jones, Smith and Williams (Time Almanac 2001). Assume that a sample of 50 individuals with one of these last names provide the following data. Please look at excel file. Summarize the data by constructing the following: A

Excel chart for sample survey data.

The problem regards a survey that was conducted among 64 students - 30 female; 34 male - to determine the likelihood that they would be interested in purchasing t-shirts, specifically only 2 types. The survey asks for the gender, age, income, GPA and provides 5 choices regarding the t-shirts: 1) strongly prefer the red t-shirt;

Sample/Control Shart

A process that produces titanium forgings for automobile turbocharger wheels is to be controlled through use of a fraction nonconforming chart. Initially, one sample of size 150 is taken each day for 20 days, and the results shown here are observed. (a) Establish a control chart to monitor future production. (b) What is the

Quality Management Tool

Assume the role of team facilitators. prepare a presentation illustrated with 4 slides describing various quality management tools and their applications. Use histograms. Point form would be sufficient. Thank you.

Scatter plot or scatter diagram

What kind of information or data is used in a scatter plot or scatter diagram? Could I use any healthcare information in this?

Straight line and its graph

1. Answer true or false to each statement and explain your answers. a. The straight-line graph of a linear equation slopes upward unless the slope is 0. b. The value of the y-intecept has no effect on the direction that the straight-line graph of a linear equation slopes. 2. Richard's Heating and Cooling in Prescott, Arizon

Analysis of GEYSER data.

A geyser is a hot spring that occasionally becomes unstable and erupts hot water and steam into the air. The "Old Faithful" geyser at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is probably the most famous geyser in the world. Visitors to the park try to arrive at the geyser site to see it erupt without having to wait too long; the nam

Statistical Quality Control

Graduate Level: How is the concept of statistical quality control used in continuous improvement? Discuss with examples.

Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics

Multiple Choice Statistics (Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics, 11th ed.) Lind et al. --- 1. The quality management points of Deming: a. emphasized that quality originates from improving the process, not from inspection. b. Identified production quotas and merit systems as crucial to quality improvement. c.

Statistics : Coin Flips and Scatter Diagram (Scatter-Plot)

12. 10 homeowners were randomly selected from the population of homeowners in Charlotte. The table below shows the tax value and 2005 gross income for each homeowner, both in 1 000s of $. Draw a scatter diagram for this sample. tax value [TABLE] 13. If a fair coin is tossed 5 times, what is the probability that it will land h

Creating Pie chart on Excel

Please help me make a pie chart on excel using the following data. (See attached file for full problem description)

Creating Functions and Graphs

The following data was retrieved from It represents the number of deaths in the United States due to heart Disease and cancer in each of the years; 1985, 1990, 1995, and 2002. Heart Disease: Year:(1985) 771169 Year:(1990) 720058 Year:(1995) 737563 Year:(2002) 696,947 Cancer: Year:(1985) 461563 Year:(1990)

A. Set up the X-bar control chart. b. Set up an R-bar chart. If you presently have 38,232 customers, determine the actual number of customers that would purchase the new product with a 95% level of confidence. Does rejecting a null hypothesis disprove it?

1. A company makes ball bearings for high quality engine components that demand very close tolerances. The company randomly selects 10 ball bearings every hour. Past experience shows the mean diameter to be .37mm with an average range of .04mm (Average R = .04). a. Set up the X-bar control chart. b. Set up an R-bar chart. A

Statistical process control involving R-chart & x-bar chart

See attachment for charts. Need help with problems on statistical process control involving R-chart & x-bar chart. Questions: What happened at different times during this shift? Why did management change the UCL in the R chart just after 10 a.m.? Why did it change the LCL in the R chart after 2 p.m.? Why did it

Stats: Drawing Histograms

The following are distances (in miles) traveled to the workplace by 22 employees of a certain computer company. 7 2 37 32 27 22 16 11 6 1 36 31 25 20 34 34 34 29 29 29 24 24 Draw the histogram for these data using an initial class boundary of .5, an ending class boundary of 45.5, and 5 classes. Note that you can add or

Making a histogram for survey data

Provide 2 histograms (Job satisfaction and Pay satisfaction) according to the Survey Data. Please see the attached file for the data. Thank you!

Statistical Measurements and Graph

This problem has to do with graphical plotting and calculation for certain distribution. Please outline a detailed response to the questions listed with appropriate graphical and statistical data representation(s). NB. The 90 percent confidence interval is for both the mean and for the variance too. 1. The following are

Random Sample : Solution Set

Each month the American Automobile Association (AAA) generates a report on gasoline prices that it distributes to newspapers throughout the state. On February 17, 1999, AAA called a random sample of 51 stations to determine that day's price of unleaded gasoline. The resulting data (in dollars) is shown as follows: 1.07 1.31 1

Operation managment: p-chart , X-bar control chart , R-chart: 3-sigma upper control limit an X-bar control chart , upper limit for an R-chart, lower and upper control limits for a p-chart

4). A manufacturer has been sampling output from a process to help measure the number of defective items the process is producing. The quality manager has taken 20 samples of 20 items each, and has found a total of 10 defective items. Given this data, what would be the lower and upper control limits for a p-chart of this process

Mean Waiting Times of Customers at DMV

The following are mean waiting times and ranges for customers at local DMV cashier line measured at four different times of the day over the last three days. The times are given in minutes from the time a customer enters the cashier line, until the customer is called to the window. X1-bar =20, R1 = 4; X2-bar = 24, R2 = 8; X3

Problem set

The following True/False, Multiple Choice, and Fill-in-the-Blank Questions are taken from the material covered in Weeks 1-3. Please post your answers in the Assignments newsgroup no later than Day 6, Tuesday, of Week 4. True/False T F 1. Roman letters usually represent population parameters, whereas Greek letters usuall

Regression Analysis

A). Make scatter plots (using excel) of salary versus years of service for the entire faculty. Do you think that there is a linear relationship between the two variables? Why or why not? b). Find the simple linear regression model with salary as the dependent variable and years of service as the independent variable. c).

Graphing data for investors

I need to analyze data (portion of the retirement investment portfolio) and graph the not so obvious info (such as total value) in a bar, pie, and line graph. I need to do this in excel and come up with formulas, name for the graphs, Y' and X's. What information should I be looking for as an investor (that's meaningful a