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Displaying Data Graphically in Excel

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Utilize graphical representation to present data, show all your work:

Construct a histrogram, a frequency polygon, and an ogive for the following frequency distribution.

Class Interval Frequency
50-under 60 13
60-under 70 27
70-under 80 43
80-under 90 31
90-under 100 9

Construct a stem and leaf plot of the following data.
Let the leaf contain one digit.

312 324 289 335 298
314 309 294 326 317
290 311 317 301 316
306 286 308 284 324

An examination of rejects shows at least 10 problems. A frequency
tally of the problems follows. Construct a Pareto chart for these data.

Problem Frequency
1 673
2 29
3 108
4 379
5 73
6 564
7 12
8 402
9 54
10 202

The top music genres according to SoundScan for a recent year are
R&B, Alternative (rock), Music, Rap, and Country. These and other music genres along with
the number of albums sold in each (in millions) are shown.

Genre Albums Sold
R&B 146.4
Alternative 102.6
Rap 73.7
Country 64.5
Soundtrack 56.4
Metal 26.6
Classical 14.8
Latin 14.5

Construct a pie chart for these data displaying the percentage of the whole that each of these games represents.

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Please see the attached Excel spreadsheet.

Construct a histrogram, a frequency polygon, and an ogive for the following frequency distribution.

Class Interval Frequency Cumulative Frequency
50-under 60 13 13
60-under 70 27 40
70-under 80 43 83
80-under 90 31 114
90-under 100 9 123


To make a histogram, make a bar graph using the frequency values from the chart. An ogive is like a frequency polygon, only you place the dots at the cumulative frequencies. The cumulative frequencies are found by adding the frequencies in the table to the frequencies above them.


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