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Displaying Data in a Histogram

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I need help in how to display the following data in a histogram.

Can you provide step by step advice on how I can go about solving this problem?

1. Display the frequency distribution of the salaries graphically in a histogram (choose intervals to use along the horizontal axis) and tell what is the mean, median and skew of the distribution.

The High school Basket ball team salaries for 2005 are listed below:

7.88M 7.70M 4.20M 6.60M 6.19M 920K

5.37M 1.35M 870K 760K 950K 4.16M

2.65M 1.97M 5.22M 720K 1.61M 720K

3.55M 1.65M 1.58M 810K 850K 470K

600K 590K 340K 510K 470K 850K

400K 600K 390K 450K 370K 1.66M

280K 950K 990K 720K 1.30M 410K

580K 300K 300K 440K 270K 540K

960K 460K 290K

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I simply entered the data into excel then wrote everything in thousands so 500k = 500 and 5M = 5000. I then used Excel's histogram tool. I ...

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