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Statistical Figures

Understanding Graphs

Please help with the following discussion in at least 400 words. How can different graphs about the same data be used to encourage children's progression in understanding graphs?

Statistics in the Health Care Field

Please see the attached file. Identify the type of chart or graph and what this type of chart or graph is usually used to depict. Was the proper graph or chart used to represent this data? Why or why not? Was this the best way to display the data? What other types of graphs could have been used? Is the scope and scale of the

Histogram for shopping times

Histograms for grouped data Here are the shopping times (in minutes) for a sample of 21 shoppers at a particular clothing store: 26, 23, 44, 41, 38, 35, 31, 28, 25, 22, 43, 40, 37, 34, 31, 43, 43, 43, 39, 39, 36 Draw the histogram for these data using an initial class boundary of 21.5 and a class width of 5. Note that

Line Graph, Trends, and Forecasting: Computer Virus Example

(a) Make an Excel line graph of the data on computer viruses. (b) Discuss the underlying causes that might explain the trend or pattern. (c) Fit three trends (linear, exponential, quadratic). (d) Which trend model is best, and why? If none is satisfactory, explain. (e) Make a forecast for 2003, using a trend model

Regression Analysis: AIU benefits data. Construct charts and diagrams

See attached files. Prepare a report using Excel as your processing tool to process three simple regression analyses. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINSIC job satisfaction column of all data points in the AIU data set

Sketching a graph showing the line for an equation

Sketch a graph showing the line for the equation Y=-2X+4. On the same graph, show the line for Y=X-4. Use the values 0, 1, 2,3, & 4 (or any values of your choice) into both equations. In excel, write the data as follows then draw the graph: Y1 Y2 0 4 -4 1 2 -3 2 0 -2 3 -2 -1 4 -4 0

Particular graphs: bar, column, pie, line, XY

There are several different types of graphs including bar charts, column charts, pie charts, line charts and XY graphs, to name the most commonly used. Under what circumstances would you choose to use each one of them?

Elementary statistics

If X = 2.0144, R = .0972,and 25 subgroups of size 5,(show all work) _ a. Find the UCL and the LCL for the X Chart. b. Find the UCL and the LCL for the R-Chart

Performance: Control Chart for Process Mean

13-14 Boston-based Legal Seafoods prides itself on having instituted an advanced quality control system that includes the control of both food quality and service quality. The following are successive service times at one of the chain's restaurants on a Saturday night in May 2007 (time is stated in minutes from customer entry t

Statistical Quality Control for Crunch Potato Chips Company

Crunch Potato Chips Company Bag Volume in Ounces Sample Number Observation 1 Observation 2 Observation 3 Observation 4 Average 1 12.50 12.30 12.60 12.70 12.53 2 12.80 12.40 12.40 12.80 12.60 3 12.10 12.60 12.50 12.40 12.40 4 12.20 12.60 12.50 12.30 12.40 5 1

Supply and Demand for Wheat

Suppose the total demand for wheat and the total supply of wheat per month in the Kansas City grain market are as follows: Thousands of Bushels Price per Bushel Thousands of bushels Surplus(+) or shortage(-) 85 $3.40 72 ____ 80

Statistics: Plotting Charts in Excel, Scatterplots

Topic 2, Problem 5 - The following table gives information from a sample of college students: gender, number of children in family of origin, and number of children in their ideal family, in which they may someday be a parent. Gender Origin Ideal F 2 2 M 3 2 M 4 3 F 2 2 F 4 3 M 5 5 F 3 3 F 2 3 F 2 2 F 4 4 M 3 3 F

Statistical Process Control - Control Limits

Complete the statistical process control for the following data (in minutes)? Explanation of the control limits and significant confidence intervals. ........................Week 1....Week 2.....Week 3.....Week 4......Week 5 Day 1................ 18.............18............17..............18...............17 Day 2.....

Confidence Interval for Mean & Line chart

Find a confidence interval for µ assuming that each sample is from a normal population. a. x-bar = 24, s = 3, n = 7, 90 percent confidence b. x-bar = 42, s = 6, n = 18, 99 percent confidence c. x-bar = 119, s = 14, n = 28, 95 percent confidence A random sample of 16 pharmacy customers showed the waiting times below

Descriptive Statistics Problems using SPSS

Unit 1 Homework: Summarizing and Describing Data This homework requires both SPSS and your calculator. There are very specific and helpful guidelines for doing this type of homework located in the Graphing Tutorial in Unit 1. Submit only one file for the entire homework into the gradebook. Either create text boxes in SPSS an

Statistical Process Control: Compute upper and lower control chart limits

See attached file. Factors for computing control chart limits (3 sigma) for this problem Cordelia Barrera is attempting to monitor a filling process that has an overall average of 715 cm3 The average range R is 6 cm3 For a sample size of 10 the control limits for 3-sigma x-bar chart are: Upper Control Limit (UCL x-bar

Graphing Constraints: Feasible Region

Question: Graph the following costraints (use graph for yourself) 1) 3x1 + 3x2 <= 300 2) 6x1 + 3x2 <= 480 3) 3x1 + 3x2 <= 480 x1 & x2 >= 0 a) Do we have Feasible Region? b) Identify the value of each point of feasible area. Explain in detail.

Pelican Stores Case

Pelican Stores, a chain of women's apparel stores operating throughout the country, recently ran a promotion in which discount coupons were sent to customers of related stores. Data collected for a sample of 100 in-store credit card transactions during one day in November 2002 are contained in the file named Pelican. Table 3.14

Applying statistics: a) Treating breast cancer. The most common treatment for breast cancer was once removal of the breast. It is now ... b) Do heavier people burn more energy? Metabolic rate, the rate at which the body consumes energy, is important in ... c) Body mass and metabolic rate. Exercise (b) gives data on the lean body mass and metabolic rate for 12 women ... d) Food poisoning. Below are data on 18 people who fell ill from an incident of food poisoning. The data give ...

A) Treating breast cancer. The most common treatment for breast cancer was once removal of the breast. It is now usual to remove only the tumor and nearby lymph nodes, followed by radiation. The change in policy was due to a large medical experiment that compared the two treatments. Each treatment was given to a separate group o