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Statistics: Using the Data Analysis Toolpac in Excel

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See the attached file.

I need some help getting started with this assignment. I don't want the assignment done for me. I just have no idea where to start. I have limited experience with Excel. The actual assignment is attached and it includes the instructions. I would appreciate it if someone was able to direct me on the first few steps of the assignment.

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The expert uses the data analysis Toolpac in excel. The solution is attached in an excel file.

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1) 2)

So to re-format the data into one table to show changes.
This is very simple

You can create a new excel spread sheet. Then, you can format it in any that you want. You can show the 2000 data first, then the 2004 data side by side. I will show an example in my excel spread sheet.

I also formatted it by merging cells in the category section. You left click and choose format cells, and click 'format' and merge cells. You can try to play with that.

3) total Population

to do this, you have to add the numbers. I made a total column. Then to add up the total ...

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