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    Prepare chart analyzing AIU data on job satisfaction

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    Looking at the following problem, I'm a little unclear on how to calculate the information that is needed. I am comfortable with writing an email but I am a little unclear on how to calculate correctly. Please assist so I am able to complete the project on my own.

    Using our data set from Unit 1, compose an email to the head of the American Intellectual Union which discusses the following:

    Begin your email to AIU by first providing an overview of the database, i.e. a story about the characteristics which may include the types of variables included, etc.

    Be sure to include information about where statistics is being used in the workplace. Comment on the value of statistics and its contribution to the success of an organization. Be sure to include other ways that probability is used in business. Feel free to use the Business Source Premier Database in the Library as a resource to research.

    Discuss the following in your email:

    What is the distribution of individuals by gender?
    What is the â??tenure with company-distribution by gender?
    What percentage of the survey participants are in each department?
    What is the sample mean for extrinsic value by gender?
    What is the probability that an individual will be between 16 and 21 years of age?
    What is the probability that an individualâ??s overall job satisfaction is 5.2 or lower?
    What is the probability that an individual will be a female in the human resources department?
    What is the probability that an individual will be a salaried employee whose intrinsic satisfaction value is 5 or more?

    The email should be well written and should flow well. It should comprise the body of a report that contains no grammatical errors. The report should include proper citation in APA formatting in both the in-text and reference pages and include a title page, be double-spaced and in Times New Roman, 12-point font. APA formatting is necessary to ensure academic honesty.

    Objective: Discuss the approaches to assessing probabilities.
    Calculate and interpret the correlation between variables.
    Use effective communication techniques.

    Instructor Comments: For the mean overall by gender, compute the sample mean of extrinsic for each gender.

    Be sure to write this as a report or cohesive email with an introduction, description of methods, results, interpretation of results, and conclusion, with references. Include all pertinent info in one document to be read. But you can submit additional information such as an Excel spreadsheet but will only be looked at if I donâ??t understand something and may not be looked at all. Include some equations with numbers you stick in instead of just listing an answer that if incorrect is very difficult to give partial credit for. Example: Let's say that I go to a very large shopping mall and take a random sample of 25 cars from the parking lot. What is the probability that a random car in the shopping mall's parking lot is blue? P(blue)=(#blue cars/25)? What is the probability that a randomly selected car is a blue Ford? P(blue Ford)=(#blue Ford cars/25)?

    Provide all of the required probabilities that an individual that are asked for in the assignment. Include the following summary table. Include references.

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    I have attached an EXCEL file of the workout and the answers plus ideas to the various questions posed above. I will leave the detail development of the essay to you. You have all the necessary tools to develop the report in the email.

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