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    Statistics and Quality Management

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    Please help and advise with the following questions:

    1. External customers define the quality of the people, processes, and environments associated with the products and services.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    2. At the end of World War II the U.S. realized that in order to succeed in the manufacturing sector they would have to compete globally.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    3. The total quality approach has which of the following characteristics?

    a. 0 Teamwork
    b. 0 Freedom through control
    c. 0 Obsession with quality
    d. 0 Focus on the customer
    e. 0 All of the above

    4. TQM can play a strategic role in manufacturing, service, government, and non-profit organizations.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    5. Surveys can be used to measure customer satisfaction.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    6. Customers can be either internal or external to the organization.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    7. TQM can be successfully implemented in an organization without the support of the top leadership of the organization.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    8. Which of the following strategies are needed for establishing a quality culture?

    a. 0 Take a hearts and minds approach
    b. 0 Put the planned changes in writing
    c. 0 Support
    d. 0 Open communication
    e. 0 All of the above are strategies

    9. In a total quality setting, quality is defined by:

    a. 0 The employee
    b. 0 The customer
    c. 0 The management
    d. 0 The organization
    e. 0 The suppliers

    10. Which of the following is the most appropriate leadership style in a total quality setting?

    a. 0 Autocratic
    b. 0 Democratic
    c. 0 Participative
    d. 0 Goal-oriented
    e. 0 Dictatorial

    11. An organization's process improvement plan should be linked to the organization's strategic plan?

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    12. Control charts are used to investigate the cause of a problem by grouping data into categories.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    13. Which of the following has a weakness in that it does not tell whether the variation is the result of special causes or common causes?

    a. 0 Histogram
    b. 0 Check Sheet
    c. 0 Pareto Chart
    d. 0 Run Chart
    e. 0 Stratification

    14. Pareto Charts do which of the following:

    a. 0 Focus a group, thereby reducing irrelevant discussion
    b. 0 Separate causes from symptoms and force the issue of data collection
    c. 0 Allow for the identification of common solutions for group development
    d. 0 Help sort out what problems or causes of problems to pursue first
    e. 0 Identify trends by charting data over a specified period of time

    15. The reason for using a team in solving problems is:

    a. 0 Because it is important to promote teamwork
    b. 0 Individual work is no longer effective when solving problems
    c. 0 Because no individual knows as much as a team
    d. 0 Because it is easier to get employees to talk
    e. 0 All of the above

    16. The aim of ISO 9000 is to transform organizations into competitive players in the global marketplace.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    17. Continuous improvement requires that an organization must:

    a. 0 Establish a quality council
    b. 0 Develop a statement of responsibilities
    c. 0 Establish the necessary infrastructure
    d. 0 Establish quality as a strategic level goal
    e. 0 All of the above

    18. Which of the following are requirements for implementing a just-in-time process?

    a. 0 Supplier training
    b. 0 Inventory reduction
    c. 0 High quality materials
    d. 0 Accurate forecasts
    e. 0 All of the above

    19.Which of these are not one of the phases of a Six Sigma project?

    a. 0 Define
    b. 0 Measure
    c. 0 Action
    d. 0 Improve
    e. 0 Control

    20. Every process produces some level of variation.

    a. 0 True b. 0 False

    Part 2 Essay -

    What are the key things that need to be done to initiate a quality improvement program in an organization?

    Please include the roles of the different levels of management.

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    Please see my response below.

    1. True
    2. True
    3. (E) All of the above
    4. True
    5. True
    6. True
    7. False
    8. (E) All of the above are strategies
    9. (B) The customer
    10. (D) Goal-oriented
    11. True
    12. False
    13. (D) Run Chart
    14. (D)
    15. (C)
    16. (A) True
    17. (E) All of the above
    18. (E) All of the above
    19. (C) Action
    20. True

    Part 2:
    There are several key things that need to be done in order to initiate a quality improvement program in the office. They are listed below:

    1. Understand the key ...

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