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    Statistics - Pareto Diagram, Pie Chart

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    In the summer 2000, a growing number of warranty claims on Firestone tires sold on Ford SUVs prompted Firestone and Ford to issue a major recall. An analysis of warranty-claims data helped identify which models to recall. A breakdown of 2,504 warranty claims based on tire size is given in the following table:

    Tire Size Warranty claims
    23575R15 2,030
    311050R15 137
    30950R15 82
    23570R16 81
    331250R15 58
    25570R16 54
    others 62

    a. Construct a Pareto diagram for the numbers of warranty claims by tire size. What tire size accounts for most of the claims?

    b. Construct a pie chart to display the percentage of the total numbers of warranty claims for the 23575R15 tires that come from the ATX model and wilderness model. Interpret the chart.

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