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Basic statistics and Graphs

Dear OTA,

Please explain with necessary steps.

Categorical Data Sets:
1. Create a summary table for each data et. Expand them to include relative frequencies and percent frequencies.
2. Construct a pie chart for one of the sets (column C or D would be great).
3. Construct a bar chart for the other that wasn't chosen in #2.
4. Using C or D, construct a Pareto (sp?) diagram.

Numerical Data Sets:
1. Choose any one data set to be grouped into classes for a frequency distributon. Just be careful in selecting the width of your classes.
2. Construct a histogram using the frequency distribution you just developed.
3. Choose 2 data sets that might have a relationship to one another and explore that possibility with a scatter diagram.
4. Use a "stem and leaf" display to organize one of the data sets.
5. Calculate the mean, mode, median, variance and standard deviation for one of the data sets (your choice). If possible, show the numerical measures for the data you used for the histogram.
6. Develop a five-number summary you used in the "stem and leaf" display and comment on the symmetry of the data set.

End of questions. Please do in Excel file. Thank you.


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