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The Importance of Histrograms

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Why are histograms useful? What are some of the difficulties in creating histograms? Give some examples where a histogram is useful.

Here is some back ground info on a histogram:

A Histogram shows the frequencies, absolute or relative, that a specific variable takes on certain values. For example, if you rolled a die, you will get a number from 1 to 6. If you rolled it twenty-five times and count the number of times each number comes up you could generate a histogram of the data. Histograms are frequency charts and can be used for several purposes when solving quality problems.

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This solution discusses why histograms are useful, as well as some of the difficulties associated with creating histograms.

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Histograms are useful in that it helps us to define a large set of data or numbers and group them into smaller sets that can help determine the mean or set of numbers that are recorded the most. "The shape of the graph gives us an idea of how the numbers in the set are distributed about the mean," providing useful information that will give the set the medium numbers involved in the study (Cecire, 2002). An example would be a survey provided to customers that gives multiple choice questions that would later be used to determine what consumers think about the product being surveyed. Business leaders ...

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