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    Excel Dashboard

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    Please help with the following problem.

    I need a profitability analysis for the customers (each TAB is considered ONE customer) in the attached Excel file.

    I need it split up by each "facility #" customer and then I need a roll-up to include ALL facilities for each customer
    so we can see big picture how the customer is doing across all the facilities.

    Please include Percentages:
    -Percentage of cost to revenue
    -Gross profit %

    I also need a Bar Graph for each customer (BY Facility) showing cost versus revenue bars next to each other.
    As well as a Bar Graph with the roll-up information of All Facilities #'s for each customer.

    Lastly, please write a few sentences stating whether or not you think each customer is worth keeping and support your reason(s).

    See attached Excel file for data.

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    This solution uses hypothetical customer and service facility data to illustrate how to construct a business dashboard for analysis.