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Probability: Optimal Choice of Dice

A game is played in which one of two players chooses a dice from a set of three die. After the first player chooses, the second player chooses a dice from the remaining two that are left. Then the two role their dice simultaneously. The player that turns up the highest number wins. In this game, however, although the dice are

Calculating Probability and Value for Salaries

The industry average salary is $140,000, and the standard deviation of salaries in the industry is $20,000. What is the probability that a single executive will earn $130,000 or more? What is the value of the standard error of the mean for this problem? What is the probability that any sample mean of salaries of any 15

Probability and Standard Deviation

#1) The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics collected data on the occupations of workers 25 to 64 years old. The following table shows the number of male and female workers (in millions) in each occupation category (Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2002) Occupation Male Female Managerial/Professional 19079 19021 Tech./S

Negative Binomial Distribution

For each example state whether or not the negative binomial distribution is appropriate, briefly explain why or why not. 1. Number of cars passing along a road until five red cars have passed. 2. Number of cars passing along a road until five commercial vehicles have passed. 3. Number of cars passing along a road until five

Microcomputers are shipped to the university bookstore from three factories A, B, and C. You know that factory A produces 20% defective microcomputers... make a tree diagram.

Microcomputers are shipped to the university bookstore from three factories A, B, and C. You know that factory A produces 20% defective microcomputers, whereas B products 10% defectives and C only 5% defectives. the manager in the store receives a new shipment of microcomputers and discovers that 40% are from factory C. 40% are

Probability and basic statistics

Dear OTA, Help me with the attached problems with steps. Thanks 1. Linda owns a small business. Use the probability distribution below, where X represents the number of employees who call in sick on a given day. (2 points each) Number of Employees Sick 0 1 2 3 4 P(X = x) 0.05 0.45 0.15 0.1 a. P(X

The Answer to Probability Questions

1. A certain airplane has 2 independent alternators to provide electrical power. The probability that a given alternator will fail on a 1 hour flight is 0.02 . Please show work so that I can understand for future problems. Probability: a) both will fail? b) neither will fail? c) one or the other will

Visitors and Accommodations Probability

In this table, x = number in a party of visitors at the Town Inn. The percentage data are the percentage of accommodations that have the indicated number in the visiting party. X = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 or more % = 15% 27% 23% 21% 10% 3% 1% What is the probability that a party selecte

Candy Manufacturing Company Production

Scenario: You are the Operations Manager for a candy manufacturing company. The Marketing Department has printed new labels for your 1-pound (16 oz) bags of jelly beans. Internal quality standards state that each bag can weigh 1%<16oz.<2.0% with a standard deviation of 0.186 ounces. You take a 100 bag random sample from your pro

Probability Theory - Tea Time

Tea Time is considering selling juices along with its other products. States of Nature High Sales Med. Sales Low Sales A(0.2) B(0.5) C(0.3) 3000 2000 -6000 0 0 0 A1 (sell juices) A2 (don't sell juices)

Solve by using binomial and/or normal distributions

A college would like to have an entering class of 1200 students. Because not all students who are offered admission accept, the college admits more than 1200 students. Past experience shows that about 70% of the students admitted will accept. The college decides to admit 1500 students. Assuming that students make their decisio

Distribution of sample average, variability of the distribution

Suppose investigators are interested in a population of patients who have been recently diagnosed with a particular kind of colon cancer (nonpolypoid colorectal neoplasm). They believe the diameter of the colon cancer lesion at first diagnosis in this particular population is 15.9mm with standard deviation 10.2mm . Let x= lesion

Probability that an experiment has a successful outcome is 0.8.

1. The probability that an experiment has a successful outcome is 0.8. The experiment is to be repeated until five successful outcomes have occurred. What is the expected number of repetitions required? What is the variance? 4. In a lot of 10 components, 2 are sampled at random for inspection. Assume that in fact exactly 2

Public Safety and Speeding Tickets: Probabilities

The department of public safety surveyed drivers to see how many of them had received a speeding ticket for driving at least 20 MPH above the posted speed limit. It was reported that 25% of the licensed drivers in a certain county had received speeding tickets for driving 20 MPH above the posted speed limit. In June, 30 licensed


The human resource director of Sunshine Corporation uses a paper-pencil test that measures work habits to help decide whom to hire. From her past research with the company, she has found the correlation-for those who are hired-between the work-habits inventory and a job performance scale after one year to be +.80. She decides to

Find the indicated probabilities.

Find the indicated probabilities. a. P (z > -0.89) b. P (0.45 < z < 2.15) Write the binomial probability as a normal probability using the continuity correction. Binomial Probability Normal Probability c. P ( x &#8804; 56) P ( x < ? ) d. P ( x = 69 ) P ( ? < x < ? )

Two questions involving order statistics

1. Ten observations of X are 67 6 7 35 78 28 74 5 9 37 a) Find the order statistics b) Find the median and 80th percentile of the sample c) Determine the first and third quartiles of the sample 2. Let Y1<Y2<Y3<Y4<Y5 be the order statistics of 5 independent observations of an exponential distribution with

Determine population, sample and variable of interest

A random sample of 1001 University of California faculty members taken in December 1995 was asked, "Do you favor or oppose using race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin as a criterion for admission to the University of California?" (Roper Center, 1996). 52% responded "favor". a.What is the population for this

1. A recent survey of 1000 adults shows that 58% believe airplanes to be the safest mode of travel. Construct a 99% confidence interval for the proportion of adults who think airplanes are the safest mode of transportation. 2. An aptitude test has a mean score of 80 and a standard deviation of 5. The population of scor

A coin is flipped 50 times - probability

1. A coin is flipped 50 times. a)Calculate the probability that exactly 10 coin flips are heads. b)Calculate the probability that 10 coin flips or less are heads. 2.The expected number of work accidents in a year is 11.5. a) Calculate the probability that there are exactly 10 accidents in a randomly selected year.