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Normal probability calculation ..

Please show work. 5. The driving distance for the top 100 golfers on the PGA tour is between 284.7 and 310.6 yards (Golfweek, March 29, 2003). Assume that the driving distance for these golfers is uniformly distributed over this interval. a. Give a mathematical expression for the probability density function of driving di

A metropolitan school system consists of three school districts

A metropolitan school system consists of three school districts-norths, south, central. The north district contains 25% of all students, the south district contains 40%, and the central district contains 35%. A minimum-competency test was given to all students; 10 % of the north district students failed, 15% of the south dis

Panic Attacks and Exponential Distribution

It has been demonstrated that the time until a panic attack is experienced by students during a statistics exam can be modeled as an exponential distribution with λ equal to .037^-1 minutes. a) What is the probability that a student taking a statistics exam will experience his/her first panic attack within the first 10 m

Interval of Pulses in a Communications Channel

The number of pulses a communications channel receives per second can be modeled with a Poisson distribution with a rate parameter of 2.0. a. What is the probability the channel receives at least 2 pulses in a one second interval? b. What is the probability that no pulses are received in a 5 second interval?

Mean of Distribution

The probability distribution for the possible results of an experiment is given, Determine the mean of the distribution. X P(X) 1 0.100 3 0.300 5 0.425 7 0.175 Round mean to nearest 10th

Probability - Exponential Distribution

The time to failure of a supercomputer has an exponential distribution with a median of four hours. Find the probability that the computer runs without a failure for at least six hours.

Joint PDFs

Respond to OTA: Basically the first equation is the joint pdf of a sample maximum and minimum - if I am not wrong - it is just the formula. The problem is finding the joint pdf from the sample size drawn from the pdf (2nd equation given between the bolded text ). So basically A(1) and A(n)corresponds only to the 2nd equation

Arrangements, Combinations, Permutations and Probabilities

1. You have 3 suits, 7 shirts, 10 ties--how many arrangements--answer and equation. 2. 20 cars, 5 defective, sample of 4 selected, what is probability one of the 4 is defective--answer and equation. 3. You have 4 identical gift cards-to give among 8 customers --how many arrangements are there--answer and equation. 4. Yo

Normal Distribution, Probability Density Function, Frequency Distribution

Dear OTA, Please explain with necessary steps. Thanks 1. In its standardized form, the normal distribution: A. has a meaning of 0 and a standard deviation of 1 B. has a mean of 1 and a variance of 0 C. has a total area equal to 0.5 D. is left-skewed 2. If a particular data set is approx. normally distributed, we

Normal Probability

The annual income of a large group of supervisors at Belco Industries follows the normal distribution. The mean amount earned yearly is $48,000 and the standard deviation is $1,200. The length of service of the same supervisors also follows the normal distribution, with a mean of 20 years and a standard deviation of 5 years. Joh

Retread Tire Company

2. The Retread Tire company recaps tires. The fixed annual cost of the recapping operation is $60,000. The variable cost of recapping a tire is $9. The company charges $25 to recap a tire. a. For an annual volume of 12,000 tires, determine the total cost, total revenue, and profit. b. Determine the annual break-even volume

Simple Probability with Contagious Diseases

Consider 5 families, each consisting of 4 persons. If it is reported that 6 of 20 individuals in these families have a contagious disease, what is the probability that at least 3 of the families will be quarantined.

Determining Probabilities - Ancorage, Alaska

If you can show me how you did each step that would be great. Assume that the population of Ancorage, Alaska is 265,000. The City of Anchorage is made up of 40% Females. Further assume we take a random sample of 11 individuals. (Assume 60% are Males).Determine the probabilties. A.That all are males B.Thats between 5 and

A grocery chain wants to taste-test a private label cola drink.

A grocery chain wants to taste-test a private label cola drink. A tester is given eight unmarked glasses, four containing the private-label drink and four containing a nationally advertised cola. The tester is asked to identify the four glasses containing the private-label drink. How many different choices of four glasses can

Multiple Choice - What scale of measurement are these numbers considered?

1-1 The members of each basketball team wear numbers on the back of their jerseys. What scale of measurement are these numbers considered? A. Nominal B. Ordinal C. Interval D. Ratio E. None of the above 1-2 Respondents were asked, "Do you now earn more than or less than you did five years ago?" What is this level

Important information about Probability and Distributions

- What is the gender distribution (% females and % males)? - What is the "tenure with company" distribution by gender? - What % of the survey participants are in each department? - What is the mean overall satisfaction by gender? - If we choose a person at random from this database: o What is the probability that this

Probability - The Journal News

In the July 29, 2001 issue of The Journal News (Hamilton Ohio) Lynn Elber of the Associated Press reported on a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation regarding parents' use of television set V-chips for controlling their children's' TV viewing. The study asked parents who own TV's equipped with V-chips whether they us

Poisson and exponential distributions

Please see attached file for full problem description. The maintenance department of a factory claims that the number of breakdowns of a particular machine follows a Poisson distribution with a mean of two breakdowns every 500hours. Let x denote the time (in hours) between successive breakdowns. a. Find lambda and mu(x)


1. Store A, B, and C have 50, 75, and 100 employees, respectively. At store A 50% of the employees are women, at store B 60 % of the employees are women, and at store C 70% of the employees are women. Resignations are equally likely for all employees, regardless of gender. One employee resigns, and this employee is a woman. What

Probability and Weibull Distribution

Assume the life of a rotating item follows a Weibull distribution with the shape parameter (or slope) = 2 and the scale parameter = 10,000 hours. a. Determine the probability that the rotating item lasts at least 8000 hours. b. Determine the mean time until failure of the item. c. If 10 rotating items are used in a larger com

A Probability Distribution Question

It was found that jet pilots blackout threshold are X~N(4.5g, .7g) If only the top 25% allowed to apply to be astronauts, what is the cut off point FindP(X>x)=.25

Explaining probability

The mean time between reoccurring events is exponentially distributed with a mean time between events of 15 minutes. a. What is the probability that there are no events within a 30-minute period? Answer 0.00043 ? b. What is the probability that at least one call arrives within a 10-minute interval? Answer 0.4866 ? c. Wha