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Wages in Construction Industry

Wages in the construction industry average $11.90 per hour with a standard deviation of $1.40. What percent of workers make less than $10.50 per hour (z = -1.00)? 2. The probability of employees taking the time to fill out a survey at Comptex is 17%. There are 5 people in the department managed by Alice. What is

Lognormal Distribution & Probability

1. If X, Y are lognormal distribution, what the distribution of X/Y? 2. what is the probability of getting 40 or less heads in 100 coin tosses. What distribution is this. With what other distribution can you approximate this. What is the final probability. 3. Which is greater exp((a+b)/2) or (exp(a)+exp(b))/2 4. what

Let X be a random variable representing the sum of trials.

Let X be a random variable representing the sum of trials. Then X is a binomial random variable if all of the following are satisfied except a. no two trials can have the same outcome b. p, the probability of "success" on any trial is the same for all trials c. each trial has exactly two possible outcome

Probability of Smokers

For questions 1 through 3 use the table below. The table shows the number of smokers and nonsmokers by gender among 220 people. Assume one person is chosen at random from the 220. Smokers Nonsmokers Totals Male 40 60 100 Female 40 80 120 Totals 80 140 220 1. If a smoker is chose

Tree Diagrams for Conditional Probabilities

Please see attached file for full problem description. Tree diagrams for conditional probabilities A course in statistics is one of the most difficult at the local university. Because of this, for the past decade the university has arranged for teaching assistants to hold frequent discussion sessions as part of the course.

probability of selecting gloves randomly

A box of 9 gloves contains two left handed gloves and seven right handed gloves. a: If two gloves are randomly selected from the box, without replacement, what is the probability that both gloves will be right handed? b: If two gloves are randomly selected from the box without replacement, what is the probability that ther

Inventory Control - Monte Carlo Simulation

Good Day, Could you please assist with the attached question. Regards Q3 - Inventory Control: Monte Carlo Simulation A bookstore wishes to carry a certain book in stock. Demand is probabilistic and replenishment of stock takes two days (i.e. if th

Average Profit and Basic Probability

1. A ski resort profits $1,200,000 during a good winter with lots of snow. The resort has a loss of $450,000 otherwise. The resort's historical climate data suggests that the probability of a good winter with lots of snow during any given year is 60%. What is the expected profit for the ski resort? Show significant work to justi

Is lack of sleep causing traffic fatalities?

Please show work. 45. Is lack of sleep causing traffic fatalities? A study conducted under the auspices of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the average number of fatal crashes caused by drowsy drivers each year was 1550 (Business Week, January 26, 2004). Assume the annual number of fatal crashes

Normal Distribution and Final Examination Probability

Please show work. 23. The time needed to complete a final examination in a particular college course is normally distributed with a mean of 80 minutes and a standard deviation of 10 minutes. Answer the following questions. a. What is the probability of completing the exam in one hour or less? b. What is the probabil

Normal probability calculation ..

Please show work. 5. The driving distance for the top 100 golfers on the PGA tour is between 284.7 and 310.6 yards (Golfweek, March 29, 2003). Assume that the driving distance for these golfers is uniformly distributed over this interval. a. Give a mathematical expression for the probability density function of driving di

A metropolitan school system consists of three school districts

A metropolitan school system consists of three school districts-norths, south, central. The north district contains 25% of all students, the south district contains 40%, and the central district contains 35%. A minimum-competency test was given to all students; 10 % of the north district students failed, 15% of the south dis

Mean of Distribution

The probability distribution for the possible results of an experiment is given, Determine the mean of the distribution. X P(X) 1 0.100 3 0.300 5 0.425 7 0.175 Round mean to nearest 10th

Joint PDFs

Respond to OTA: Basically the first equation is the joint pdf of a sample maximum and minimum - if I am not wrong - it is just the formula. The problem is finding the joint pdf from the sample size drawn from the pdf (2nd equation given between the bolded text ). So basically A(1) and A(n)corresponds only to the 2nd equation

Normal Distribution, Probability Density Function, Frequency Distribution

Dear OTA, Please explain with necessary steps. Thanks 1. In its standardized form, the normal distribution: A. has a meaning of 0 and a standard deviation of 1 B. has a mean of 1 and a variance of 0 C. has a total area equal to 0.5 D. is left-skewed 2. If a particular data set is approx. normally distributed, we

Normal Probability

The annual income of a large group of supervisors at Belco Industries follows the normal distribution. The mean amount earned yearly is $48,000 and the standard deviation is $1,200. The length of service of the same supervisors also follows the normal distribution, with a mean of 20 years and a standard deviation of 5 years. Joh

Retread Tire Company

2. The Retread Tire company recaps tires. The fixed annual cost of the recapping operation is $60,000. The variable cost of recapping a tire is $9. The company charges $25 to recap a tire. a. For an annual volume of 12,000 tires, determine the total cost, total revenue, and profit. b. Determine the annual break-even volume

Determining Probabilities - Ancorage, Alaska

If you can show me how you did each step that would be great. Assume that the population of Ancorage, Alaska is 265,000. The City of Anchorage is made up of 40% Females. Further assume we take a random sample of 11 individuals. (Assume 60% are Males).Determine the probabilties. A.That all are males B.Thats between 5 and

A grocery chain wants to taste-test a private label cola drink.

A grocery chain wants to taste-test a private label cola drink. A tester is given eight unmarked glasses, four containing the private-label drink and four containing a nationally advertised cola. The tester is asked to identify the four glasses containing the private-label drink. How many different choices of four glasses can

Multiple Choice - What scale of measurement are these numbers considered?

1-1 The members of each basketball team wear numbers on the back of their jerseys. What scale of measurement are these numbers considered? A. Nominal B. Ordinal C. Interval D. Ratio E. None of the above 1-2 Respondents were asked, "Do you now earn more than or less than you did five years ago?" What is this level