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Using Excel to Solve Probability Problems [Problem 6.25 ]

I need help in using excel to solve the following problem: Problem 6.25 FACTS: Suppose that the number of ounces of soda put into a Pepsi can is normally distributed with ע =12.05 ounces and ∂ = 0.03 ounce. [Note: ע = mean and ∂ = standard deviation] PROBLEM: USE MS EXCEL TO SOLVE

Solve Probability Problems, construct pivot tables, and report

Calculate the answer for each question listed in column O, referencing (or calculating if it is simple) in the same row of column M. Definitions: (All apply to a person chosen randomly from this sample.) F = Female H = Beyond High School Education M = Married. Question: Find the probability of: F and M F given M F give

The speed with which utility companies can resolve problems is very important.

The speed with which utility companies can resolve problems is very important. GTC, the Georgetown Telephone Company, reports they can resolve customer problems the same day they are reported in 70 percent of the cases. Suppose the 15 cases reported today are representative of all complaints. a. How many of the problems would

Probability of inflammation of the gums

Bad gums may mean a bad heart. Researchers discovered that 85% of people who had suffered a heart attack during a given calendar year also had periodontal disease, an inflammation of the gums. Only 29% of people who had not suffered a heart attack had periodontal disease, and only 1% of the population suffers a heart attack duri

Binomial distribution and conditional probability

2. A process follows the binomial distribution with n = 8 and p = .3. Find P(x > 6) to 4 decimal places -- x. x x x x 3. It is estimated that 3% of the athletes competing in a large tournament are users of an illegal drug to enhance performance. The test for this drug is 90% accurate. What is the probability that an athlete w

Automobile Pricing: Probability

The automobile prices of the top 100 selling cars in the U.S. are normally distributed with a mean of $40,000 and a standard deviation of $5,000. What is the probability that a randomly selected auto will have a price of at least $47,500?

Probability, Samples, Confidence Intervals

5.6 A certain airplane has two independent alternators to provide electrical power. The probability that a given alternator will fail on a 1-hour flight is .02. What is the probability that (a) both will fail? (b) Neither will fail. (c) One or the other will fail. Show your steps carefully. 5.7The probability is 1 in 4,000,00

Waiting Line Model

Determine the Waiting Line Model and Solve Below. 6. The Bijou Theater in Hermosa Beach, California, shows vintage movies. Customers arrive at the theater line at the rate of 100 per hour. The ticket seller averages 30 seconds per customer, which includes placing validation stamps on customers parking lot receipts and punch

Probability ... (Please see the attached file)

Question 1. Emily, Jasmine, and Tiffany have each applied for admission to graduate studies. The probability that Emily will gain admission is ... Question 2. You are given the probabilities listed below... Please show the work in how to get to the correct answer. Please see the attached file.

Probability that a technician is required

An installation technician for a specialized communication system is dispatched to a city only when three or more orders have been placed. Suppose orders follow a Poisson distribution with a mean of 0.25 per week for a city with a population of 100,000 and suppose your city contains a population of 800,000. a) What is the pr

Video game probability questions

For problem choose what type of problem it is and solve using the binomial, geometric, or Poisson distribution. A player of a video game is confronted with a series of opponents and has an 80% probability of defeating each one. Success with any opponent is independent of previous encounters. The player continues to confron

Customer Arrival Average Rate

Customers arrive to the company at a rate, on average, of one per hour with a Poisson distribution. The company is staffed by a single individual(the owner) who takes on average 30 minutes with each customer with a standard deviation of 15 minutes. a. The owner would like the average wait time to be at most around 10 minutes

Data Gathering Techniques, Frequency etc.

Final Project The Final Project is due no later than the end of Unit 9. These are the Final Project questions: Problem 1) A book inventory record contains the following information: a) Title: More Mysteries b) Author: Roger Mortimer c) Date of publication: 1998 d) List price: $25.00 e) Number in s

Continuous random variable generated

Question 2 Let X be a continuous random variable with the pdf f(x) = 42x5(1-x) 0<x<1 and let Y=X3. Suppose u=.145 is a random number generated from the uniform (0,1). Determine the corresponding random number from the distribution Y. This will involve solving a nonlinear equation by using Newton's Method. Question 3 Let F b

Probability of Machine being Tuned and Serviced

Question 1: A sensitive machine is tuned correctly for 95% of the time. If the machine is correctly tuned, the probability of spoil product is 1% if not is 40%. The first product of a test run is inspected and found to be satisfactory. What is the probability that the machine had been correctly tuned? Question 2 The s

Sample Distribution

1. An economist wishes to estimate the average family income in a certain population. The population standard deviation is known to be $4,500, and the economist uses a random sample of size = 225. a. What is the probability that the sample mean will fall within $800 of the population mean? b. What is the probability that the

Find the probability.

An eight-sided die, numbered 1-8, is rolled. Find the probability that the roll results in an even number or a number greater than six

Binominal Distribution: Probability

In a certain binomial distribution, &#960; = 0.20 and n = 30. In using the normal approximation, a. What are the mean and standard deviation of the corresponding normal distribution? b. If x = the number of "success" among the 30 observation, determine the following: P(x = 5), P(4 &#8804; x &#8804; 7), P(1 &#8804; x &#8804;

Probability: Take the Order or Not?

My youngest brother used to own a cafe in Calgary and I visited him frequently for free meals. One day, Indiana Jones rushed in and wanted to order two dozen roasted chickens. But there was a catch. He insisted that all the chickens should be heavier than 5.5 lbs, or else my brother would face very serious consequences.

Binomial process and probabilities

It has been estimated that 17.0% of mutual fund shareholder are retired persons. Assuming the population proportion to be &#960; = 0.17 and that a simple random sample of 400 shareholders ha been selected: a. What is the expected value of p = the proportion of those in the sample who are retired? b. What is the standard error

Probability of standard normal table

Using the standard normal table, find the following probabilities associated with z: a. P(0.00 ≤ z ≤ 1.25) b. P(-1.25 ≤ z ≤ 0.00) c. P(-1.25 ≤ z ≤ 1.25) Using the standard normal table, find the following probabilities associated with z: a. P (-0.36 ≤ z ≤ 0.00) b. P(z ≤ -0.36) c. P(z ≥ -0.43)

The Probability of Overbooking Flights

Please help with the following problem involving statistics and probability. Air America is considering a new policy of booking as many as 400 persons on a airplane that can seat only 350. (Past studies have revealed that only 85% of the booked passengers actually arrive for the flight.) Estimate the probability that if Ai

BrainMass Expert's Approach to: Statistics - All Topics

A contractor must pay a $40,000 penalty if construction of an expensive home requires more than 16 weeks. He will receive a bonus of $10,000.00 if the home is completed within 8 weeks. Based on experience with the type of project, the contractor feels there is a 0.2 chance the home will require more than 16 weeks for completion,

Probability: City Law-Enforcement Official

1. A city law-enforcement official has stated that 20% of the items sold by pawn shops within the city have been stolen. Ralph has just purchased 4 items from on of the city's pawn shops. Assuming that the official is correct, and for x = the number of Ralph's purchases that have been stolen, determine the following: a. P(x

Knowledge about Statistics - All Topics

Engineers must consider the breadths of male heads when designing motorcycle helmets. Men have head breadths that are normally distributed with a mean of 6 in. and a standard deviation of 1.0 in. (based on anthropometric survey from Gordon, Churchill, et al.). a. If one male is randomly selected, find the probability that his