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    Binomial Probability: Caffeine consumption & Hypertension

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    A study is conducted to assess the impact of caffeine consumption, smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical activity on risk of cardiovascular disease. Suppose that 40% of participants consume caffeine and smoke. If 8 participants are evaluated, what is the probability that:
    A. Exact half of them consume caffeine and smoke?
    B. At most 6 consume caffeine and smoke?

    A recent study of cardiovascular risk factors reports that 30% of adults meet the criteria for hypertension. If 15 adults are assessed, what is the probability that:
    A. Exactly 5 meet the criteria for hypertension?
    B. None meet the criteria for hypertension?
    C. Less than or equal to 7 meet the criteria for hypertension?

    Please explain in detail how the answers were created.

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    The P (X) numbers are obtained by putting different values of X in the given formula. Here n = 8 and ...

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