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Binomial Distribution

Given: probability of hypertension is 0.15 What is the probability that out 3 out of 17 patients have hypertension:
at most 2 patients have hypertension
at least 3 patients have hypertension

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This is Binomial distribution

P(r)= ncr p r * q n-r

p = probability of hypertension= 0.15
q=1-p= 0.85
n= 17

r=0,1,2,3 etc are number who have hypertension

We can tabulate the values for r=0,1,2,3, ------,17
(though it is not required for the problem. We need P(0), P(1), P(2), P(3) only

n= 17
p= 0.15
q=1-p= 0.85
P(r)= ncr p r * q n-r ...

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The solution calculates probability for hypertension using Binomial.