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    Bio Statistics

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    #1. An investigator wants to estimate caffeine consumption in high school students. How many students would be required to ensure that a 95% confidence interval estimate for the mean caffine intake(measured in mg) is within 15 units of the true mean? Assume that the standard deviation in caffine intake is 68 mg.

    #2. Consider the study proposed in problem #1. How many students would be required to estimate the proportion of students who consume coffee? Suppose we want the estimate to be within 5% of the true proportion with 95% confidence.

    1. What is the effect on the probability of a TYPE II error when the probability of a TYPE I error is decreased? Describe type I and II errors of a mammography in terms of the diagnosis. Add this text with the solution to the spreadsheet created for the above problems. I need this done on an excel spreadsheet with detailed steps.

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