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Statistics: Random sample for grill owners, number of telev

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3 In a simple random sample of 1000 households, 150 households happen to own a barbecue grill. Based on the characteristics of the population, the expected number of grill owners in the sample was 180. What are the values of pie, p, and n?

4 For a population of five individuals, television ownership is as follows:
x = Number of Television Sets Owned

Allen 2
Betty 1
Chuck 3
Dave 4
Eddie 2

a. Determine the probability distribution for the discrete random variable, x = number of television sets owned. Calculate the population mean and standard deviation.

b. For the sample size n = 2, determine the mean for each possible simple random sample from the five individuals.

c. For each simple random sample identified in part (b), what is the probability that this particular sample will be selected?

d. Combining the results of parts (b) and (c), describe the sampling distribution of the mean.

e. Repeat parts (b)-(d) using n = 3 instead of n = 2. What effect does the larger sample size have on the mean of the sampling distribution? On the standard error of the sampling distribution?

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The expert examines random samples for grill owners and the number of televisions. Complete, Neat and Step-by-step Solutions are provided in the attached Excel file.

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