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Binomial, Poisson, Normal Distribution; Confidence Intervals

See attached file. Binomial Distribution Determine whether or not the given procedure results in a binomial distribution. 1. Twenty different students are randomly selected from those attending a private boys school and asked whether he or she is traveling over the Christmas holidays. 2. A six-sided die is rolled

Gender of children, birth dates, Kentucky lottery

See attached file. You may use a calculator on this assignment. Please show work where applicable as this will help me when assigning partial credit. Probability Questions 1. Find the probability of a couple having at least 1 girl among 7 children. Assume that boys and girls are equally likely and that the gender of a

Statistics: Mike's Ice Cream mean sales; math aptitute test for college freshman

Part 2. Evaluate probabilities using the laws of probability, the standard normal distribution, t-distribution, or X2-distribution. Mike's Ice Cream shop sells ice cream and related products. Past experience indicates that the daily sales follow a probability distribution that has a mean of $1000 and a standard deviation of $

Selected employee has a technical job or is a soccer fan

See attached file. In a large corporation a sample of 136 employees have been classified according to the type of work and asked their preferred sport. The results are presented in the accompanying table. assume that one employee in this sample is selected at random. Find the indicated probabilities (express them as a decimal

Conditional probability: LAN shutdown

The local area network (LAN) for the faculty of engineering computing system at the University of Waterloo is temporary shut down for repairs. Previous shut downs have been due to hardware failure, software failure or power failure. Maintenance engineers have determined that the probabilities of hardware, software and power prob

A tire company has developed a new type of tire: Probability analysis of miles

A Tire company has developed a new type of tire. Extensive testing shows that the number of miles the new tire will run before wearing out is normally distrubuted with a mean of 40,000 miles and a standard deviation of 4,000 miles (Hint: Sketch bell shaped curves for the three questions below. a) What is the probability that

Azure Valley Electric average outage cost; TRP is offering ski chalet condos

1. Azure Valley Electric Co-operative has for many years contracted with a neighboring utility to handle emergency service requests which occur, primarily due to storm damage, at the average rate of 2 per hour. It now feels that it should probably assume this responsibility itself and has been presented with two proposals for v

Statistics: Probability value, Probability distribution

See attached file for formulas. 2. Based on FAA estimates the average age of the fleets of the ten largest U.S. commercial passenger carriers is 13.4 years with a standard deviation of 1.7 years. Suppose that 40 airplanes were randomly selected from the fleets of these ten carriers and were inspected for cracks in the airplan

Determining EMV & EOL for vendor at baseball stadium

Q3. Determining EMV & EOL A vendor at the a baseball stadium must decide whether to sell ice cream or soft drinks at today's game. The vendor believes that that the profit will depend on the weather. On the basis of her past experience at this time of year, the vendor estimates the probability of warm weather as 0.60 and cool

Probability distribution that you will receive a sample mean grand prize

Game show shows you a large revolving drum containing four identical white envelopes that have been thoroughly mixed in the drum. Each of the envelopes contains one of four decks made out for grand prizes of 20, 40, 60, and 80 thousand dollars. Usually, a contestant reaches into the drum, selects and envelope, and receives the g

How to calculate probability for sale of wind insurance

A company examines homeowners records and sees that the mean loss from wind annually is $250 per house with std dev of $1000. They plan to sell wind insurance for $250 + estimates coverage costs & profits. i) If they sell 10,000 policies, what is the probability that annual average loss is greater than $275? ii) What shap

Statistics: Recovery of stolen cars; Life span of tires; Math exam scores

Please provide step by step solution. Instructions: Solve the following problems keep the guidelines below in check. If you are calculating something using a table, the number of decimal places from the table is expected. like z=1.00, table value is .8413 (2 decimal places for z, 4 for the probability) REGARDING NUMBER

Lottery profits, Probability Distribution, Mary's grades this semester

Please provide step by step solution. Instructions: Solve the following problems keep the guidelines below in check. If you are calculating something using a table, the number of decimal places from the table is expected. like z=1.00, table value is .8413 (2 decimal places for z, 4 for the probability) REGARDING NUMBER

variance and the standard deviation of the number of admissions

The director of admissions at Kinzua University in Nova Scotia estimated the distribution of student admissions for the fall semester on the basis of past experience. Admissions Probability 1,070 0.3 1,300 0.1 1,580 0.6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Wha

Decision Analysis

1. The electric company is in the process of building a new power plant. There is some uncertainty regarding the size of the plant to be built. If the community that the plant will service attracts a large number of industries, the demand for electricity will be high. If commercial establishments ( offices and retail stores) ar

Probability distribution of calls received by an office on Monday

1. The number of calls received by an office on Monday morning between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM has a probability distribution with a mean of 4. a. What type of probability distribution is appropriate for this problem? b. Determine the probability of getting no calls between eight and nine in the morning. . c. Calculate the pro

Probability and Decision Analysis

1. Use the normal approximation without the correction factor to find the probabilities in the following exercises. a. In a binomial experiment with n = 300 and p=.5, find the probability that P is greater than 60%. b. Repeat Part a with p = 55 c. Repeat Part a with p = .6 2. Determine the probability that in a sample

Probability of salary levels for faculty members at SLU

The population mean annual salary for first year faculty at SLU is $47,000. Assuming that the population standard deviation is $1800: 1.) What is the probability that one randomly selected faculty member at SLU has a salary less than $46,000 ? 2) Suppose that 10 faculty members are randomly selected. What is the probabil

Normal Probability: Delivery Truck fuel consumption

A delivery truck averages 15 miles per gallon, with a standard deviation of 3 miles per gallon, and that fuel consumption is Normally Distributed. Using the Normal Distribution, if the total trip mileage for that day is 200 miles, what is the minimum amount of fuel (gallons) that the driver should start the trip with to ensure

Binomial Distribution and trend that stock market performance will continue

Compared with almost any other investment alternative, the stock market performed especially well during the 1990s. In fact, there were only two years out of ten years during the 1990s when the S&P 500 stock index failed to give an annual return on investment of 12 percent or more. So, based on this ten year period, the probab

Statistics: 20 multiple choice

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Evaluate the permutation. 1) P( 9, 5) 1) ___ A) 9 B) 1 C) 504 D) 15,120 A bag contains 6 cherry, 3 orange, and 2 lemon candies. You reach in and take 3 pieces of candy at random. Find the

9 Problems: Normal Probabilities, Samples, Distributions

1- Given the following set of numbers assume this is a population: 4,5,7,7,3,5,8,9,6. If this set of numbers were a sample, what divisor would you use to find the variation? 2- Earlier this semester we had a problem with birds with sore throats. I own the pet store that has these birds and I need to get them some medical tre

Probability for Southest grocery stores having pharmacy, floral, deli

A survey of grocery stores in the Southeast revealed 40 percent had a pharmacy, 50 percent had a floral shop, and 70 percent had a deli. Suppose 10 percent of the stores have all three departments, 30 percent have both a pharmacy and a deli, 25 percent have both a floral shop and deli, and 20 percent have both a pharmacy and fl


A man rolls an ordinary die 9 times. What is the probability that he gets at most 2 threes? Round your answer to four decimal places.

Determining Probability

1. In the National Weekly Edition of the Washington Post (December 19-25, 2005), firstStreet, Inc. advertised an atomic digital watch from LaCrosse Technology. It is radio-controlled and maintains its accuracy by reading a radio signal from a WWVB radio signal from Colorado. It neither loses nor gains a second in 20 million year


An automatic machine inserts mixed vegetables into a plastic bag. Past experience shows that some packages were underweight and some were overweight, but most of them had satisfactory weight. Weight Percentage of Total Underweight 2.5 Satisfactory 90.0 Overweight

Probability Distribution and Interval Estimation

See attached files. QMTH 205 Lab 3: Probability Distribution and Interval Estimation Purpose: Students will learn (1) how to make a table of standard normal distribution; (2) how to use Excel to select a simple random sample; (3) how to use Excel built-in functions and procedures to estimate population mean and population

Decision Tree Analysis for Caribbean bank, power generator

The management of a bank in the Caribbean was concerned about the potential loss that might occur in the event of a hurricane. The bank estimated that the loss from one of these storms could be as much as $100 million including losses due to interrupted service and customer relations. One project the bank is considering is