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Gasoline mpg; probability for door assembly; health insurance

See attached graph for problem 3. 1.The manufacturer of a new compact car claims the miles per gallon (mpg) for the gasoline consumption is mound shaped and symmetric with a mean of 25.9 mpg and a standard deviation of 9.5 mpg. If 30 such cars are tested, what is the probability the average mpg achieved by these 30 cars will

Probability of orders after demonstrations of household appliance

Please provide an answer to the questions below, if possible using Excel and show your formulas. A salesperson goes door-to-door in a residential area to demonstrate the use of a new household appliance to potential customers. She has found from her years of experience that after demonstration, the probability of purchase (lo

Sampling Distribution of Sample Proportion..

1) A store has determined that 25% of all sales are credit sales. A random sample of 75 sales is selected. What is the probability that the sample proportion will be: a) greater than .34? b) between .196 and .354? c) less than .25? d) less than .10? 2) 10% of items produced by a machine are defective. A random sample of 1

Determining Aspects of a Queuing Problem

Automobiles arrive at the drive-through window at a post office at the rate of 4 every 10 minutes. The average service time is 2 minutes. the Poisson distribution is appropriate for the arrival rate and service times are exponentially distributed. (A) what is the average time a car is in the system? (b) what is the aver

Normal Distribution for age of population in Florida subdivision

Assume that, among residents of a large Florida subdivision, the population mean age is 65 years old, the population standard deviation is 2 years, and that the age variable is distributed normally. What is the probability that a randomly chosen individual would be between 64 and 66 years of age? What is the probabilit

Calculate product demand in normal curve; calculate expected warranty service

8. The weekly demand for a product follows a normal curve with an average of 1000 units and a standard deviation of 200 units. In how many weeks during a typical 52-week year would be below 900 units? a. 12 weeks b. 14 weeks c. 16 weeks d. 18 weeks 9. The lifetime of a particular product made by a company is Normall

Critical Thinking for Hamilton County Judges: Rank the cases

See attached file. Mod 3 Critical Thinking Case: Hamilton County Judges. Please provide a Managerial Report that includes: The probability of cases being appealed and reversed in each of the three different courts The probability of a case being appealed for each judge The probability of a case being reversed fo


1) 60% of students are from the south. 60% of them passed the test. 30% are from the north, and 70% of them passed the test. 10% are foreign, and 90% of them passed the test. If a randomly selected student passed the test, the probability that the student is foreign is_______.

Poisson & Standard Normal Probabilities

1) A survey of citizens over 60 years old who have too much money to qualify for medicaid, but have no health insurance. The ages of the 25 uninsured citizens are: 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 68 68 69 70 73 73 74 75 76 76 81 81 82 86 87 89 90 92 We know that 1/4 of the citizens are below 65.5 years of age. a. What type of shape

Binomial Probability in Lawn Mower Manufacturers

See attached data file. A manufacturer of home and industrial lawn and garden equipment collects a variety of data from special studies, many of which are related to quality control. The company routinely collects data about functional test performance of its mowers after assembly; results from the past 30 days are give in t

Statistical questions are addressed.

1) The students in a math class took the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Their math scores are shown below. Find the mean score. 552 593 358 352 537 349 357 596 470 482 2) Suppose that there are 400 students in your school class. What class rank is the 20th percentile? 3) The lifetimes of l

Probability Corporations Employees

1) A corporation has 15,000 employees. Sixty-two percent of the employees are male. Twenty-three percent of the employees earn more than $30,000 a year. Eighteen percent of the employees are male and earn more than $30,000 a year. a) If an employee is taken at random, what is the probability that the employee is male? b) If an

Probability of Receving a Scholarship

1) Assume you have applied for two scholarships, a Merit scholarship (M) and an Athletic scholarship (A). The probability that you receive an Athletic scholarship is 0.18. The probability of receiving both scholarships is 0.11. The probability of getting at least one of the scholarships is 0.3. a) What is the probability that y

Quantitative Method Simulation Problem for Kodak

See attached template. Optics Manufacturing In the late 90's Kodak was bidding for a contract with a major research facility on the West Coast to build large-scale optics for the National Ignition Facility. These optics were roughly two feet by two feet and had to be of extremely high quality. My role in this contract prop

Break-even, probabilities, Std.Dvt, mean,

Please assist if is possible with a neat step by step calculations . Thanks! 1) a) In a business environment, the fixed cost is $2,000.00 and the variable cost is $20.00. As we know, the brake even volume v and the brake-even price p are related by formula: V=2000/P-20 The formula describe the relationship between the abov

Poisson Probability Insurance

An insurance company has determined that each week an average of nine claims are filed in their Atlanta branch. What is the probability that during the next week a. exactly seven claims will be filed? b. no claims will be filed? c. less than four claims will be filed? d. at least eighteen claims will be filed?

Normal Probability of mean download time for the H&R Block website

The mean download time for the H&R Block website, is 2.5 seconds. Suppose that the download time is normally distributed, with a standard deviation of 0.5 second. What is the probability that a download time is: a) Less than 1 second b) Between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds c) Above 0.5 seconds? d) Above how ma

Statistics: 13 problems

See attached file for better format. 1. A set of 50 data values has a mean of 26 and a variance of 9. I. Find the standard score (z) for a data value = 25. II. Find the probability of a data value > 25. 2. Find the area under the standard normal curve: I. to the right of z = 0.54 II. to the left of z =


1. Assume that a procedure yields a binomial distribution with a trial repeated n times. Use a binomial probabilities table to find the probability of x successes given that probability p of successes on a given trial when: n=2, X=0, and p=.90 2. Three cards selected from a standard 52 card deck without replacement. Th

Probability of Increase Actions

1) A box contain 90 good times and 10 bad items. Thus the probability of randomly choosing a good item from this box is 0.9. A second box also contains 90 good items and 10 bad items. An item is randomly selected from the second box and is placed in the first box. Does this action increase the likelihood of picking a good item

Cleveland Tool Works probability of defective units

A machining operation at Cleveland Tool Works (Process A) produces small parts, 10% of which are defective. A similar operation (Process B) produces small but unrelated parts. Process B is considered to be in control if it produces no more than 10% defective units. Sampling for Process A consists of selecting 20 units at specifi

Continuous Uniform Distributions

See the attached file. 1. Suppose X ~ U[-2, 2]. For what a,b is a+bX~U[0,1]? 2. A city bus is supposed to arrive at a fixed stop at 12:00 noon, but its arrival time is uniformly distributed between 11:57 AM and 12:04 PM. If it has not yet arrived at 12:01 PM, what is the probability that it will arrive by 12:02 PM? 3. The con


1. A volunteer ambulance service handles 0 to 5 service calls on any given day. The probability distribution for the number of service calls is as follows. Number of Service Calls Probability 0 .10 1 .15 2 .30 3 .20 4 .15 5 .10 a. Is this a valid probability distribution? Why or why not. b. What is the probability o

probability and expectations

The probability in detecting a crack in an airplane wing= probability of inspecting a plane with a wing crack (P1) x probability of inspecting the details in which a crack is located (P2) x probability of detecting the damage (P3) Find the probability of detecting a crack if (P1=.9, P2=.8 & p3=.5)? If 50 planes are inspected