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Statistics random variables

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Cellophane that is going to formed into bags for items such as dried beans or bird seed is passed over a light sensor to test if the alignment is correct before it passes through the heating units that seal the edges. If the alignment is too bad, the process is stopped and an operator adjusts it. These stops occur ramdomely and independently. The averave number of stops is 52 per 8 hour shift.

a) What is the mean number of stops per hour?

b) What is the standard number of stops per hour?

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The mean number of stops per hour and the standard number of stops per hour are determined.

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The number of stops per 8 hours sounds like a Poisson random variable, which basically implies that there is a constant rate of stoppage.

Other examples of Poisson random variables include things like:
- number of calls arriving at a call center per half ...

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