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    z value based probability problem...

    When sampling is done for the proportion of defective items in a large shipment, where the population proportion is 0.18 and the sample size is 200, what is the probability that the sample proportion will be at least 0.20?

    Probability and Life Expectancy

    The following table is from the Social Security Actuarial Tables. For each age, it gives the probability of death within one year, the number of living out of an original 100,000 and the additional life expectancy for a person of that age. Determine the following using the table: a. To what age may a female of age 60 expect

    Significance in Probability

    For the following questions, would the following be considered "significant" if its probability is less than or equal to 0.05? a) Is it "significant" to get a 12 when a pair of dice is rolled? b) Assume that a study of 500 randomly selected school bus routes showed that 480 arrived on time. Is it "significant" for a school bu

    Statistic probability

    If a basket contains 14 eggs, 5 of which are cracked. If we randomly select 6 of the eggs for hard boiling, what is the probabiliy of the following? a.) All of the cracked eggs are selected b.) None of the cracked eggs are selected. c.) Two of the cracked eggs are selected.

    Rule of Addition in Probability

    1.) If the population is normally distributed then the sample mean is also normally distributed even for small sample size. True or false? 2.) In applying the Rule of Addition in Probability, the important consideration is whether they are mutually exclusive or not. True or false?

    This posting addresses estimators and the rule of addition

    1.) An estimator is called consistent if its variance and standard deviations consistently remain the same regardless of changes in the sample size. True or false? 2.) When applying the rule of Addition, an important consideration is whether the events are Independent or Dependent. True or false?

    Classification of Employes According to Gender and Job Type

    The 300 employees of a local university have been classified according to gender and job type: Job Male Female Faculty 110 10 Salaried Staff 35 45 Hourly Staff 55 45 Are gender and type of job independent? Explain with probabilities (you have to show how you got the answer using probabilities and the rule associat

    z value based probability problem.

    The lifetime of a disk drive head is normally distributed with a population mean of 1000 hours and a standard deviation of 120 hours. Determine the probability that the average lifetime for 16 disk drives will exceed 940 hours.

    Find the Probability Distribution for X

    Container 1 has 10 items, 3 of which are defective. Container 2 has 6 items, 2 of which are defective. If one item is drawn independently from each container: Find the probability distribution for X defined as the number of defective items drawn (Hint: You have to find P(X=0), P(X=1) and P(X=2). You may have to use both multi

    Probability Problem: Z Value

    Suppose that 40 percent of the voters in a particular region support a candidate. Find the probability that a sample of 900 voters would yield a sample proportion in favor of the candidate within 3 percentage points of the actual proportion.

    Probability: Computations Based on Gender and Job Specifications

    Question: The Penguin Company employs 200 men and 50 women. Of the male employees, 140 work in the plant, 20 are in the office, and 40 are field salesmen. The female employees are distributed as follows: 10 to the plant, 25 to the office, and 15 to the sales. If the CEO, Stephanie, randomly selects an employee to tour a factory

    Thirty percent of the time, a machine puts 50 white

    Thirty percent of the time, a machine puts 50 white, 25 red, and 25 green jelly beans in a bag. The rest of the time, the same machine puts 30 white, 30 red, and 40 green jelly beans in a bag, The probability that a randomly chosen jelly bean from a randomly chosen bag is green is 0.28. Is this True or False?

    negative binomial distribution

    Find a simple algebraic relationship between the negative binomial probability P(x) = ((x-1)!/(n-1)!(x-n))*(P^n)(1-p)^x-n for x = n, n + 1, .. and the binomial probability for the probability of n successes in x trials.

    Binomial probability to examines defective machines

    Ten percent of the items produced by a machine are defective. Out of 15 items chosen at random, a. what is the probability that exactly 3 items will be defective? b. what is the probability that less than 3 items will be defective? c. what is the probability that exactly 11 items will be non-defective?

    Needing extra help with homework

    I am having issues resolving the following and need extra help please: 1. If the probability that it will rain tomorrow is 0.26, what is the probability that it will not rain tomorrow 2. Find the probability of getting a number greater than 4 when a die is rolled one time 3. An apartment building has the following apartments

    Probability of Member Lift Weights

    I am having issues resolving some of my homework and need an extra help: 1. A jar contains only red marbles and green marbles. If a marble is selected at random from the jar, the probability that a red marble will be selected is 2/3. If there are 18 green marbles in the jar, how many red marbles are there in the jar 2. Find th

    A restaurant probability question

    Bob, Mary, and Jen go to dinner. Each orders a different meal. The waiter forgets who ordered which meal, so he randomly places the meals before the three diners. Let C be the event that a diner gets the correct meal and let N be the event that a diner gets an incorrect meal. Enumerate the sample space and then find the probabil

    Probability calculation based on the classical definition.

    (5.40) M&Ms are blended in a ratio of 13 percent brown, 14 percent yellow, 13 percent red, 24 percent blue, 20 percent orange, and 16 percent green. Suppose you choose a sample of two M&Ms at random from a large bag. What is the probability that both are brown? What is the probability that both are blue? What is the probabi

    Probability: Oxnard University, Student ID Math Problem

    (5.30) At Oxnard University, a student ID consists of two letters (26 possibilities) followed by four digits (10 possibilities). (a) How many unique student IDs can be created? (b) Would one letter followed by three digits suffice for a university with 40,000 students? (c) Why is extra capacity in student IDs a good idea?

    Probability - CNP Bank Card Problem 1. Score each of these customers and estimate their probability of being profitable. 2. What is the probability that all three are profitable? 3. What is the probability that none of them are profitable? 4. Find the entire probability distribution for the number of profitable customers among this group of three. 5. Write a brief summary of your findings.

    1. CNP Bank Card Before banks issue a credit card, they usually rate or score the customer in terms of his or her projected probability of being a profitable customer. A typical scoring table appears below. See attachment fot table The score is the sum of the points on the six items. For example, Sushi Brown is under 25 y


    In a study, serum cholesterol levels were measured for a large number of healthy males. The population was then followed for 16 years. Afterwards the men were divided into two groups: those who had developed coronary heart disease and those who had not. The distributions of the initial serum cholesterol levels for each group w


    Estimates for the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease provided by an observational study are listed below: Prevalence of Alzheimer's disease (cases per 100 individuals) Age-group Males Females 65-69 1.3 0.5 70-74 3.3 2.1 75-79 4.9 3.8 80-84 7.5 8.2

    Probability of Publishing an Article

    An article was published recently suggesting that people who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of major clinical events (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke) by up to 50%. It is believed that only 30% of adult Americans exercise on a regular basis. Suppose that a sample of eight adults is analyzed. a) What

    Statistics of Bladder Cancer and Death

    Assume that the bladder cancer death rates in the USA in 2009 are estimated to be 0.48 deaths per 10,000 individuals. Using the US bladder cancer rate (above) as the standard (expected rate value), you are asked to investigate the number of deaths due to bladder cancer for 10,000 workers in a specific tire plant in 2009.


    Suppose that infants are classified as low birth weight if they have birth weight 2500g, and as normal birth weight if have birth weight 2501g. Suppose that infants are also classified by length of gestation in the following four categories: <20 weeks, 20-27 weeks, 28-36 weeks, >36 weeks. Assume the probabilities of the di

    Women's Heights Normally Distributed

    Assume that women's heights are normally distributed with a mean given by u = 63.1 in, and a standard deviation of 2.9 in. a. If 1 woman is randomly selected, find the probability that her height is less than 64 in. __________(round to four decimal places) b. If 40 women are randomly selected, find the probability that th

    Binomial random probability

    Consider the following two binomial experiments (a) In a binomial experiment consisting of six trials, how many outcomes have exactly one success and what are these outcomes? (b) In a binomial experiment consisting of 20 trials, how many outcomes have exactly 10 successes?

    Probability of People in Recession in America

    Fifty percent of Americans believed the country was in a recession, even though technically the economy had not shown two straight quarters of negative growth (Business Week, July 30, 2001). For a sample of 20 Americans, make the following calculations: a. Compute the probability that exactly 12 people believed the country

    Standard Normal Distribution

    Question 1 Use Appendix Table for Normal Distribution to find area under Standard Normal Distribution curve to the left of z = 0.85 Answer 0.8023 0.6245 0.3524 0.0582 Question 2 Use Appendix Table for Normal Distribution to find area under

    Normal Probability Honda Insight

    Introduced in the 2000 model year, the Honda Insight was the first hybrid automobile sold in the United States. The mean gas mileage for the model year 2005 Insight with an automatic transmission is 56 mpg on the highway. Assume the gasoline mileage of this mileage is approximately normally distributed with a standard deviation