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    Probability: Computations Based on Gender and Job Specifications

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    Question: The Penguin Company employs 200 men and 50 women. Of the male employees, 140 work in the plant, 20 are in the office, and 40 are field salesmen. The female employees are distributed as follows: 10 to the plant, 25 to the office, and 15 to the sales. If the CEO, Stephanie, randomly selects an employee to tour a factory in Japan, what is the probability that he or she is:

    A plant employee?
    An office employee?
    A sales person?
    A male plant employee?
    A plant worker given his is made?
    An office employee given that she's female?

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    Probability of male: total number of men/tatals = 200/250=0.8
    Probability of female: total number of ...

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