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AIU Correlation research

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Share the practical applications of the study from the Unit 2 Individual Project. How would the results of this survey be used in the workplace?

Briefly describe correlational research. Name a variable from this study and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlational relationship and explain why you would choose these two? What did you learn about correlation and causation while completing the course?

Running Head: Probability Distributions
Statistical Analysis
Unit 3 IP 1
Al Hassan
American Intercontinental University

In my paper I well use unit 1 data set to write an email to the American Intellectual Union to discuss where the statistics is being used at work, brief information on the importance of the statistics. Also I well answer a bunch of questions related to distribution and gender, tenure with company, survey percentage in each department, meaning of extrinsic, probability between 16 and 21, probability of 5.2, probability of female, probability of salary.

I made this survey to the American Intellectual Union employee's to estimate there satisfaction at workplace. Using the survey, I collected data on the following variables:
Age - Gender - Position- Department - Tenure - Overall Job Satisfaction - Intrinsic job Satisfaction - Extrinsic Job Satisfaction - Benefits.
I used the gathered information that can be used for profiting individuals for hiring. In this email, I'm presenting the information analysis for the exact reason utilizing the probability concept. But let me talk a little bit about how important is the job satisfaction, probability concept and using it in the business field.
Employee Satisfaction: Blau (1986) and other researcher like Mathieu & Kholer (1990). Sagie (1998), etc approve that the satisfied employee's are the most helpful and workable, and since they are loyal they became more productive to the organization. Although they gain better knowledge on how to use there time in proper manner. So, ultimately satisfied employee is very beneficial to employees and employers since more production mean more revenue. Understanding probability is "A number expressing the like hood of occurrence of a specific event" (Schott 1989). This mean it's an estimation of the likelihood of chance behavior. The concept of probability explains the proportion on the long term beside few result will show up in situation with short term uncertainty. Probability concept describes an experiment that provides a multiple short term outcomes.
Probability in Business: this concept is used to determine the financial risks and the decision making as well. Though not every decision carries out by the managements is successful, there is always a chance to fail and that's why we use the probability analysis.
Probability concept is an alternative to certainty. At workplace we can use the probability concept to conduct project planning or success, credit risk assessment, and strategy making.
What is the distribution of individuals by gender?
Count Percent
Male 13 52.00%
Female 12 48.00%
Total 25 100%

We can see that AIU has more male worker than female if the information true.
What is the "tenure with company" distribution by gender?
GENDER x TENURE Cross tabulation Percentage Distribution
Gender Tenure with company Gender Tenure with company
< 2 years 2-5 Years Over 5 Years Total < 2 years 2-5 Years Over 5 Years Total
Male 7 4 2 13 Male 53.8% 30.8% 15.4% 100.0%
Female 9 3 0 12 Female 75.0% 25.0% 0.0% 100.0%
Total 16 7 2 25 Total 64% 28% 8% 100%

From the table above we notice that almost 54% of males work for AIU for less than 2 years, whereas 75% females work with AIU for less than 2 year. Meaning, most of the female employees are newer employees. On the other hand we can see the males work with the company for more than 5 years since the tenure number indicate it.
What percentage of the survey participants are in each department?
GENDER Department
HR IT Admin Total
Male 30.77% 38.46% 30.77% 100%
Female 16.67% 41.67% 41.67% 100%
Total 24.00% 40.00% 36.00% 100%

From the table above we notice that the higher number of males from IT department and equal number of males from HR and admin department participated in the survey. This mean, equal number of females from the IT and admin department participated in the survey.
What is the sample mean for extrinsic value by gender?
Extrinsic Satisfaction
Gender N Total Mean
Male 13 69.8 5.369
Female 12 59.3 4.942
Total 25 129.1 5.164

Note that: (Number of favorable outcomes)
Probability =
(Number of possible outcomes)
What is the probability that an individual will be between 16 and 21 years of age?
Age Distribution
Age Count
16 - 21 14
22 - 49 8
50 - 65 3
Total 25

Since the interest showing the probability of finding an individual between 16 and 21, the famous number in result is 11 and the whole result number is 25
Probability =
What is the probability that their overall job satisfaction is 5.2 or lower?
Satisfaction Distribution
Overall Job Satisfaction Count
≤ 5.2 10
> 5.2 15
Total 25

The probability of the whole job satisfaction being 5.2 or less
Probability =
What is the probability that an individual will be a female in the human resources department?
Gender Distribution across Departments
GENDER Department
HR IT Admin Total
Male 4 5 4 13
Female 2 5 5 12
Total 6 10 9 25

Probability =
What is the probability that an individual will be salaried employee whose intrinsic satisfaction value is 5 or more?
Intrinsic Satisfaction across different types of Employee
Intrinsic Satisfaction POSITION
Hourly Employee Salaried Employee Total
< 5 5 5 10
≥ 5 13 2 15
Total 18 7 25

Probability =

Blau, G. J. (1986). Job involvement and Organizational Commitment as Interactive Predictors of Tardiness and Absenteeism. Journal of Management, 12, 577-584.
Sagie, A. (1998). Employee Absenteeism, Organizational Commitment, and Job Satisfaction: Another Look. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 52, 156-171.
Bluman, A. (2010). Elementary Statistics: A Brief Version (5th ed.). New
York,NY: McGraw Hill.

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Share the practical applications of the study from the Unit 2 Individual Project. How would the results of this survey be used in the workplace?

Probability analysis is an alternative to certainty, and is used to determine the risks, and making decision as well. It is very useful in uncertain situations. The results of the AIU survey can be used by the managers for various policy and decision making purposes. For example:

• Shortage of senior employees
o The analysis shows total 16 out 25 employees have been with the company for less than 2 years, indicating that majority of the employees are new and could be lacking experience
o Only 2 employees have been with the company for over 5 years. These employees would know the most about the company and if one of them leaves, the burden and knowledge demands will fall on the remaining senior employee.
• Gender distribution
o Even though the overall gender distribution is almost equal, there is a difference in HR department.
o Again, the two senior most employees are males. The ...

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Correlation and causation are explained and discussed in AIU satisfaction survey.