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Identifying a Probability Distribution

Learning is a lifetime activity. For some, it means learning from everyday experiences; for others, it means taking classes in a more traditional atmosphere. The percentage of people participating in organized learning situations during 2002 for each age group is reported here by NIACE. Is this a probability distribution? Expl

The probability of peas with green pods

The accompanying table describes results from eight offspring peas. The random variable x represents the number of offspring peas with green pods. Table Probabilities of Numbers of Peas with Green Pods Among 8 Offspring Peas x(Number of Peas with Green Pods) P(x) 0

Expected Value and Probabilities

Recently, a regional automobile dealership sent out fliers to perspective customers, indicating that they had already won one of three different prizes: a 2008 Kia Optima valued at $15,000, a $500 gas card, or a $5 Wal-Mart shopping card. To claim his or her prize, a prospective customer needed to present the flier at the dealer

Store scanner accuracy and a study on wheelchair users

3.36 The national institute for standards and technonoly mandates that for every 100 items scanned through the electronic checkout scanner at a retail store, no more that 2 should have an inaccurate price. A recent study of the accuracy of checkout scanners at Walmart stores in California was conducted. Of the 60 Walmart stores

Probabilities and Card Tricks

Consider the experiment of drawing two cards from a deck and adding their values (with ace = 1). a. Describe the outcomes of this experiment. List the elements of the sample space. b. What is the probability of obtaining a total of 5 for the two cards? c. Let A be the event "total card value is 5 or less." Find P(A) and P(A

Questions using Western Electric Rules 1 - 5

A TiW layer is deposited on a substrate using a sputtering tool. The following table presents data, in Angstroms, from 20 subgroups of n = 4. (a) Plot an x-bar and R control chart for this process. Performs runs tests to Western Electric rules 1 through 5 in Table 5.1, p. 197 of the textbook. Is the process in control? Revis

Probability: Word Problems

1. When transmitting messages from a point A to a point B, out of every 40 messages 6 need to be corrected by applying error correcting codes. What is the probability that in a batch of 200 messages sent from A to B, there will be between 38 and 42 messages that will have to be corrected. 2. The probability of an event A occu

Gaussian Distribution

Can standard distrubution be used to describe the data set? See attached. Note: (c) 3(j) -- This should have asked you for Q=800 cvs in April (not January) since I didn't give you any January data. Further, my answers were for a January set of data that I was playing with. For the April data (your HW), I think the Ans: P=

U. S. families with pets

The following table gives the number of U.S. families, in thousands, with pet dogs, pet cats, and pet birds, by size of family. (Source: Statistical Abstract of the United States 2000, 120th Edition.) Family Size One Member Two Members Three Members Four or More Pet Dog 4,120

Calculating Probability Values

1. Compute the number of ways you can select n = 4 elements from N = II elements. There are _________ways to select 4 elements from 11 elements. (Simpli fy your an swer.) 2. A magazine reported on an independent study of postal workers and violence at post offices. In a sample of 13,000 postal workers, 910 were physically

What statistical procedures were used for this particular article?

Longo, J. (2009). The relationships between manager and peer caring to registered nurses' job satisfaction and intent to stay. International Journal For Human Caring, 13(2), 26-33. The purpose of the analysis is: 1.Relationship between manager behavior with staff nurses' job satisfaction r=.622, p=.000 2. Relationship bet

Probability of Expected Return on a Stock Purchase

An investor estimates that there is a 1 in 10 chance that a stock purchase will lose 20% of its value, a 2 in 10 chance it will break even, a 4 in 10 chance it will gain 15% and 3 in 10 chance it will gain 30%. What is the expected return. Please show work.

Probability of Random Selection

Please help me solve this problem and explain how you get to the answer. Thank you. A local dealership currently has 36 used GM, Ford, and Toyota vehicles on the lot. The following data are available: - Twenty six vehicles are cars - Eleven vehicles are GM - Fifteen vehicles are Fords - Three vehicles are both Toyotas an

Calculating probability, expectation and standard deviation

Consider a random variable with the following probability distribution: P(X = 0) = 0.1, P(X = 1) = 0.2, P(X = 2) = 0.3, P(X = 3) = 0.3, and P(X = 4) = 0.1, A) Find : P(X > 3 3|X > 2) B) Find the expected value of X C) Find the standard deviation of X

Discrete Probability and Discrete Data

A discrete probability is the likelihood that certain discrete data will occur. What is discrete data? Consider a scenario where you could use a discrete probability to predict the likelihood of an event. How would you determine the probability? How could you use this to support your position in a proposal?

Calculating Probability of Purchases

Historically, 70% of your customers at Rodale Emporium pay for their purchases using credit cars. In a sample of 20 customers, find the probability that a. Exactly 14 customers will pay for their purchases using credit cards. b. At least 10 customers will pay for their purchases using credit cards. c. At most 12 customers

Finding probability of prescription orders

Pharmacies continually monitor their prescription filling process. A local pharmacy has noted that the time to fill a prescription for a generic antibiotic is normally distributed, with a mean of 13.3 minutes and a standard deviation of 2.8 minutes. a. Find the probability that a prescription for a generic antibiotic takes a

Statistics Question - Normal Probability Distribution

I need to know how to use the formula to answer these questions. The time needed to drive from town A to town B is normally distributed with a mean of 180 minutes and standard deviation of 20 minutes. What is the probability that a person will drive from town A to town B in i) three hours or more, ii) in less than 180 minut

Statistics Problem Set: Pop Quizzes and Promotions

1. The female instructors at a large university recently lodged a complaint about the most recent round of promotions from assistant professor to associate professor. An analysis of the relationship between gender and promotion was undertaken which produced the joint probabilities in the following table. Promoted Not

Probability Problem Set: Personal Website Hits and Email Use

1. Hits on a personal web site occur quite infrequently. They occur randomly and independently with an average of five per week. a) Find the probability that the site gets 10 or more hits per week. b) Determine the probability that the site gets 20 or more hits in two weeks 2. The random variable X is exponentially

Airplane Safety: Probability Analysis

Airplane Safety: Suppose that 62% of all adults think that airplanes would be safer places if pilots carried guns. An opinion poll plans to ask an SRS of 1009 adults about airplane safety. The proportion of the sample who think that airplanes would be safer if pilots carried guns will vary if we take many samples from this same

Probability Example Questions

1. A box contains four tickets, one marked with a star and the other three blank. One draw is made from this box at random. a. What does "at random" mean? b. What is the random variable in this experiment? c. Write the probability model corresponding to this random variable. Explain your answer. Also verify t

Probability/Reliability/Graph Hazard

A particular product is known to have an exponential failure time distribution with a mean of 12 months. a. Find the probability it will fail in less than 9 months. b. What is the reliability at 15 months? c. Determine and graph the hazard rate for this product.

Queuing Problem-Statistics: Speedy (Pete's) Copy Center

Speedy copy center located on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. has three coin operated copying machines used primarily by U.S. Senators to make copies of their confidential diaries and illegal agreements with foreign governments and corporations. The owner, Hugh Makeham, is a former Xerox repairman and can fix a broken machine w

Computing Probability - Rules of Probability

An insurance agent has appointments with four prospective clients tomorrow. From past experience, the agent knows that the probability of making a sale on any appointment is 1 out of 5. Using the rules of probablitlity, what is the likelihood that the agent will sell a policy to 3 of the 4 prospective clients?

Probability Problem Sets in Management Trainee Program

In a management trainee program, 80 percent of the trainees are female, 20 percent male. Ninety percent of the females attended college, 78 percent of the males attended college. a management trainee is selected at random, what is the probability that the person selected is a female who did NOT attend college? What is the probab

Probability and Statistics: Coin Flipping Project

The project below involves using a computer simulator to virtually flip multiple coins. First, we'll flip 4 coins 20 times, then we'll flip 4 coins 10000 times. I have taken screenshots of my results with the coin-flipper (attached) but need some help with the questions. Questions for flipping 4 coins 20 times: 7) Base

Statistics Problem Set: Colds and Exercise

18. Last year, at Northern Manufacturing Company, 200 people had colds during the year. One hundred fifty-five people who did no exercising had colds, and the remainder of the people with colds were involved in a weekly exercise program. Half of the 1,000 employees were involved in some type of exercise. (a) What is the probabi

Case: Let's Make a Deal.

A number of years ago, there was a popular television game show called Let's Make a Deal. The host, Monty Hall, would randomly select contestants from the audience and, as the title suggests, he would make deals for prizes. Contestants would be given relatively modest prizes and then would be offered the opportunity to risk that