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    Standard distribution

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    Can standard distrubution be used to describe the data set? See attached.

    (c) 3(j) -- This should have asked you for Q=800 cvs in April (not January) since I didn't give you any January data. Further, my answers were for a January set of data that I was playing with. For the April data (your HW), I think the Ans: P=13.3% and T = 7.5/yr.

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    See attached for data.

    To determine if there are outliers, you can look for the lowest value and the highest value. Then find the absolute value of (sample value - mean)/standard deviation. If this is greater than 3, then the value can be regarded as an outlier. In your data set, the lowest value (92) = 1.3 and the highest (954) = 1.95. Neither of these are greater than 3, so we cannot ...

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    A given data set is analyzed to see if a gaussian distribution can be used to describe it.