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    Deterministic Probability calculations

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    A toy company is conducting a research for two new exciting products (Zing-Go and Moto-bots). A survey was conducted using 150 children to determine how well each product was perceived by the group The data was organized in the contingency table shown below.

    Favorable Neutral Unfavorable Total
    Zing-Go 33 17 75 75
    Moto-Bots 28 7 40 75
    Total 61 24 65 150

    What is the probability of an unfavorable perception?

    Given a favorable perception, what is the liklihood the product is a Moto-bot?

    Probability of an unfavorable Perception =

    Likelihood of a Moto-bot given a favorable perception =
    (Round your final answer to two decimal places).

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