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Nonparametric Tests

General Statistics and Sample Size Applicability

1)If you have a population that has a small sample, but does not meet all of the criteria for the nonparametric test how can you tell what test to use? 2)How might one know if a samples follow a normal distribution? Please explain each in roughly 100 words please

Non-Parametric Hypothesis Testing (5 Steps)

Below is all data required for a 5 step nonparametric hypothesis test. I am confused on the differences of the types of tests. Please provide guidance to solution. Hypothesis statement formulated is: People with 12 or more years of education make at least 50% more income than those with less than 12 years of education. H

5 Step Hypothesis Test : Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney U Test

Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing Paper Hypothesis As current economic conditions influence the real estate market, consumers are faced with increasingly more options when purchasing a home. While prices fluctuate through market instability, there are constants in all dwellings that aide in determining which home a purchaser w

Differentiate between parametric and nonparametric tests

Differentiate between parametric and nonparametric tests Identify the data in the situations A-G as: + Numeric or Attribute Data + Parametric or Nonparametric + Briefly explain you choice Complete any four. Example: A manufacturer produces a batch of memory chips and measures the mean-time-between-failure (MTBF).

Identifying Parametric and Nonparametric Data

Label each of the following situations "P" if it is an example of parametric data or "NP" if it is an example of nonparametric data. 1. A manufacturer produces a batch of memory chips (RAM) and measures the mean-time-between-failures (MTBF). The manufacturer then changes a manufacturing process and produces another batch and

Important information about Chi-square test

Why do researchers use Chi-square statistic? a) what type of data is used with the Chi-square analysis? b) what are the nonparametric tests that correspond to each type of parametric test? Please lise each nonparametric test with its associated nonparametric equivalent.

Chi-Square Test of Association and Nonparametric Procedures

Bring to mind a real-world situation or problem that would best be analyzed in the chi-square test of association. This would be a nonparametric procedure that requires different assumptions. For this situation or problem, please make sure that the following is addressed: Real-world situation or problem you selected to ad


Please see attached Chapter 10, exercise number 18 18. The management of White Industries is considering a new method of assembling its golf cart. The present method requires 42.3 minutes, on the average, to assemble a cart. The mean assembly time for a random sample of 24 carts, using the new method, was 40.6 minutes, and

Comparing ANOVA and Nonparametric tests.

1) What are three lessons you learned relative ANOVA and Nonparametric tests? 2. Application of A Nonparametric Test - Chi-Square Test of Independence Given the following contingency table problem: The use of cellular phones in automobile has increased in the last few years. Of concern to traffic experts, as well as manufa

ANOVA and non-parametric testing

1. How should Analysis of Variance be used to make strategic decisions in a dynamic, competitive business environment? In what situations could your organization use Analysis of Variance? What are some examples that you are familiar with, or where ANOVA might be used by other businesses? 2. Select two non-parametric tests u

Kruskal-Wallis Nonparametric Tests

Can you explain the conclusions one would come to with this data? Hypothesis: Do people who work in sales earn more in wages than people who work in service? Use the Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric test to answer this question. The K-W test compares the medians of c independent samples (Doane, 2007). Observation Rank An

Appropriate Non-Parametric Testing

In an effort to link cold environments with hypertension in humans, a preliminary experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of cold on hypertension in rats. Twelve rats were assigned at random to two groups (6 in a group), in which each group was exposed to a different environment. One group was held in a normal environ

Non-parametric testing

Instructions: In all exercises, use a computer package (e.g., MegaStat, MINITAB) or show the calculations in a worksheet, depending on your instructor's wishes. If you use the computer, include relevant output or screen shots. If you do the calculations manually, show your work. State the hypotheses and give the test statistic a

5 Step Hypothesis Testing - ANOVA

For now, please formulate a hypothesis statement that will be the equivelent, nonparametric test of hypothesis from the attached ANOVA testing and results. I need a hypothesis with the same research question but in nonparametric test. Also provide the type of nonparametric test should be used. 1.Please provide hypothesis stat

Parametric and Non-Parametric Calculations

A student team examined parked cars in four different suburban shopping malls. One hundred vehicles were examined in each location. Research question: At alpha = .05, does vehicle type vary by mall location? Vehicle Type...............Somerset........Oakland..........Great Lakes..........Jamestown.........Row Total Car.....

Statistics: T-tests and ANOVAs

Hello, I need help answering the following questions: 1. Please provide enough information per each question. 2. You can provide a chart or graph along with a question also for better understanding. Please see attachment. Thank you, your help is needed. 1. Describe the rejection region for a two-tailed Z test when alpha =

Explanation and Examples for Parametric and nonparametric methods.

I would like an explanation and example of two statistical methods: 1. Parametric method: - Hypothesis ( null and alternative) - Simple example and explanation in layman's terms - Confidence level 90% - Need the critical value explains how attained - Need Z-score an

2 statistics questions: Type of study design and significance tests

Question 1. As part of an internal audit of its bidding process, a company selected a random sample of 20 recently completed projects for review. One aspect concerned the procedure for estimating labour costs on projects. Data were collected on the estimated labour costs and the actual labour costs (in thousands of dollars) fo

Nonparametric Tests: Central Limit Theorem

Nonparametric tests are often used in place of their parametric counterparts when the distributional assumption, usually the normal distribution assumption, is questionable AND the sample size is small, say less than 30. When the sample size is large, the central limit theorem kicks in and usually it is OK to use a parametric te


In 1970, a lottery was used to determine who would be drafted into the U.S. Army. The 366 dates in the year were placed in individual capsules. First , the 31 Jan. capsules were placed in a box; then the 29 Feb. capsules were added and the two months were mixed. Then the 31 March capsules were added and the three months were mi

A. Use the runs test to test the sequence for randomness above and below the median of 183.5 Use the Kruskal-Wallis test to test the claim that 12 months had priority numbers drawn from the same population.

Please show answers with all steps. For data please see the attached file. There is supposed to be a separate executive summary, covey style, no margin notes and a separate document with statistical test for case. "Was the draft lottery random? a. Use the runs test to test the sequence for randomness above and below the

Testing of hypothesis problems: T test and Z test

1. Find the critical values for the alternative hypothesis: H1: p not equal to 0.18 ,alpha =0.09. Assume that the normal distribution applies. What are the critical values? 2. A student claimed that the proportion of students using the current recreation centre is less than 0.4. A survey of 900 students resulted in 47% say

Run test : The non parametric test for randomness.

Critical Thinking: Was the draft lottery random? In 1970, a lottery was used to determine who would be drafted into the U.S Army. The 366 dates in the year were placed individual capsules. First, the 31 January capsules were placed in a box; then the 29 February capsules were added and the two months were mixed. Then the 31

Statistical tests: non-parametric tests

What are examples in which non-parametric tests are used to analyze business related problems in general, and more specifically, problems related to marketing?

Usage of ANOVA, Non-Parametric tests

1. Can you think of an example where the analysis of variance (ANOVA) can be used? How is ANOVA being used in the workplace, or how should it be used? 2. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is used to determine if there is a difference between the means of different populations. This is an example from a student in Prescott Arizona.