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Non Parametric Test

For this assignment, I need assistance running a nonparametric test. Last week my team ran a two sample t-test and this week, using the same data set (baseball), we must run a comparable test (Mann-Whitney Test??). I am attaching the data set for your reference.

Please explain why you chose which ever nonparametric test you decide to use.

The research question considered by our team is 'Is there any difference in the batting average of American League and National League baseball? ' (does this need to be changed to suit the nonparametric test? Please notify me if so. I can alter the research question if needed.)
Please help me follow the five steps listed below.

1. State the null and alternative hypotheses (Formulate both a numerical and verbal hypothesis statement regarding your research issue.)
2. Select the level of significance.
3. Identify the proper test statistic.
4. State your decision rule (critical value and p value).
5. Make and explain your decision.

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