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Five-step, four-step processes for non-parametric tests

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Are the five-step and four-step processes sufficient to address all aspects of a nonparametric test as opposed to a parametric test?

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The non parametric test should follows the main criteria's as

1. The data which we are going to analyze should be show the number of observations in each individual category

2. The data should be of nominal or ordinal scale of measurement

3. The decision obtained from the test should not be concerned with the population parameter of the distribution.

4. The observations should be independent.

Example of a five step aspect of non parametric test:
This week Learning Team A in this two-sample hypothesis paper will formulate both a numerical and verbal hypothesis and show the five step hypothesis of the data that is acquired. The research will also describe the results and findings of the hypothesis testing to the research question as to whether there is a difference in attitude of people living in different cities towards spending money. This paper will analyze raw data tables and the results of the test whether the average account balances in different cities are different.
Numerical and Verbal Hypothesis
People's attitudes towards money vary enormously and are largely influenced by the values they were brought up with and, to a certain extent, how much money they have now.
Assuming there is enough money to keep a roof over our head and buy basic food stuffs, what we do with the rest of your money will depend on a persons particular attitude or beliefs and perhaps where we live.
The Century National bank data ...

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