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    Abrahamic Religions

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    General features of Place myth and Jerusalem?

    Can you read the attached and show how it illustrates the various general features of Place myth? Describe the myth in your own words, the "myth" from the attached reading about Jerusalem.

    Monotheistic Religion Elements

    I need to know the country of origin of: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Out of each of these religions I just need a little information on, b) Historical figures and events, brief description of their c) central beliefs, d) nature of God, e) Texts, f) Ritual and practice (sacred elements and their meaning brief), g) Ethics

    Can Angels Abandon Us?

    I was wondering: when we sin against God, do you think that the angels leave us? Or do they forgive us and keep guiding and helping us? Thanks in advance.

    Are Angels Necessary? If God is all-powerful, why angels?

    Is it okay to ask God to send an angel to help us, or should we ask God to help us directly? Is God offended when we ask him to send an angel? Do Catholic and Protestants both believe the same about angels? Why would we need angels if there is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit? Provide scriptures as evidence.

    God and the Old Testament

    From the following readings Genesis 1-18, Exodus 1-20, Joshua 1-4, Judges 1-16 and answer the following questions. What does each of the readings tell one about the nature of God? Who is this God? What kind of power does he have?(examine the description of God in each text and quote the test). What does it mean to have faith in

    God of the Old Testament

    From the following readings: Genesis 1-18, Exodus 1-20, Joshua 1-4, and Judges 1-16. This job finds a story from the reading that best represents who the God of the Old Testament is and explains why this is the case.

    Isaiah Book

    1- How does being a lanlocked affect a country? 2- What difference would it have made for Judah? 3- How could Judah's lack of resoruces have benefited them? 4- How might the desert have been both a benefit and a handicap for Judah? 5- What words best describe Judah's land? 6- Why would people of Judah be tempted to worship

    2 Samuel: Book of the Bible

    Discuss 2 Samuel in terms of the Name of the Book, Theme of the Book, and provide an Outline of the main events of the Book.

    Numbers - Old Testament Book

    Discuss Numbers in terms of Name, Subject, Relation to former books, and provide an Outline of the main events of the book.

    Exodus - Old Testament Book

    Discuss the Book of Exodus in terms of the Name of the Book, Theme, Purpose, and provide an Outline of the Main Events of the Book.

    Bible: 1 Samuel

    Discuss I Samuel in terms of the Name of the Book, Theme, Prominent Truths, and Outline of Main Events of the Book.

    The Book of Leviticus

    Discuss the Book of Leviticus in terms of the Name, the Connection to the other Books, Purpose, and Outline of the Main Events of the Book.

    Genesis - Old Testament Book

    Discuss the Book of Genesis in terms of authorship, name, purpose and religious character, a divinely-inspired book, the general importance of the book, and an outline main events.

    Bible Interpretation

    What are six practical rules that help to interpret Holy Scripture? Validate through Scriptures.

    Rahab the Prostitute

    1. How was Rahab in the Old Testament rewarded for her faith and hospitality? 2. Can you explain what she did to show her faith and hospitality?

    Judges & Old Testament

    1. Again, this is from our study group and we are trying to understand the role of Judges and how it fits in with other OT books of the Bible. 2. We want to understand if the language, structure, and/or message found in Judges is similar to any other OT book(s)? 3. If you know of any, could you tell us and in your opini

    Thesis of Judges

    Four friends are studying the Book of Judges...and we believe we know the thesis of the book as simply: obedience=prosperity ---- disobedience=bondage. Have we oversimplified or missed the boat completely? What would an expert say Judges thesis statement is?

    Book of Judges Explained

    Hello: Could someone smart explain how the Book of Judges connects the story of Joshua to Saul? Our study group is trying to understand how the Book of Judges fits in with the other common themes/structure of other OT books. Thanks alot for your time!

    Fecundity vs. Desolation

    This job explains the significance of the metaphors found in the Book of Isaiah, which are used in opposition: fecundity versus desolation.