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    Abrahamic Religions

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    Our study group has no clue about how the meaning of COVENANT differs in the Book of Psalms from the Prophetic Books. If anyone can clearly explain the difference in meaning between the two, we would very much appreciate a clear understanding.

    Covenants Different Meanings

    My study group is having problems today with the different meanings of the word "COVENANT"...Sally says the meaning of covenant in the Hebrew Scriptures means one thing, expecially...how its defined with Abraham? But means something different in the Book of Psalms and has a different meaning in the Prophetic Books. Can someon

    Old Testament Dates and Events

    What centuries did Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jonah and Micah lived? And, the dates for the fall of the Northern Kingdom, the initial invasion of Jerusalem, the destruction of Nineveh, the destruction of Jerusalem the Temple, the defeat of the Babylonians and the Israelite return from exile? I don't know where I should look since the da

    Megiddo and Zezreel Valley and End Time Prophecy

    What is the significance of Megiddo and the Jezreel Valley in end time prophecy? Provide a brief history, prophetic evidence from the Old Testament and how it relates to Revelation of the New Testament.