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Solar System

Shepherd satellites of Saturn

How many moons does Saturn have? What is the name of Saturn's largest moon? What is special about this moon? What are the names of Saturn's 6 medium sized moons? What is special about Enceladus and Iapetus? What are Shepherd moons and what purpose do they serve? These questions are answered

Physical comparisons of Jupiter and Saturn

How do the average densities of Jupiter and Saturn compare to that of Earth? What is the size of Jupiter's core and Saturn's core compared to the size of the Earth? How do the magnetic fields of Jupiter and Saturn compare to that of Earth? Thanks!

Discussion of the Ptolemaic Model of the Solar System

Was the Ptolemaic model geo- or heliocentric? Explain. How did Ptolemy and others before him account for retrograde motion (epicycle and deferent)? What is the most basic explanation for why this complicated theory could not possibly be correct?


What is a constellation? How many of them cover the sky? If you were to travel to the edge of the solar system, would the constellations appear the same? Would they appear the same if you traveled to the nearest star?

Solar and lunar eclipses

What causes a lunar eclipse? A solar eclipse? Why aren't there lunar and solar eclipses every month?

The Sun, its evolution as a star, and its presence in its life cycle

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Physics: Vectors, Trigonometry, Means of components

Conceptual Questions: Are two vectors with the same magnitude necessarily equal? Can two zero perpendicular vectors be added together so their sum is zero? Can three or more vectors with unequal magnitudes be added together so their sum is zero? If so, show by means of a tail-to-head arrangement of the vectors how cou

Elementary Particles Average Lifetime

Part 1 An elementary particle called a pion has an average lifetime of 2.60E-8 s when at rest. If a pion moves with a speed of 0.940 c relative to Earth, calculate the average lifetime of the pion as measured by an observer on Earth. Part 2 Calculate the average distance traveled by the pion as measured by the same o

Observer have measured for the car to be filled with gas

An observer moving toward Earth with a speed of 0.976 c notices that it takes 5.10 min for a person to fill her car with gas. Suppose, instead, that the observer had been moving away from Earth with a speed of 0.799 c. How much time would the observer have measured for the car to be filled in this case?

Period of Oscillation for Mass: Spaceship Example

Part 1: A 1.69 kg mass oscillates on the end of a spring whose spring constant is k = 48.2 N/m. If this system is in a spaceship moving past Earth at 0.893c, what is its period of oscillation according to observers on the ship? Part 2: What is its period of oscillation according to observers on Earth?

Calculate the Current Flowing through a Wire

A straight 1.77 mm diameter copper wire can just "float" horizontally in air because of the force of the Earth's magnetic field B which is horizontal and of magnitude 5.86E-5 T. What current does the wire carry? Please explain and solve problem.

Electromagnetism: Magnetic Force on Wire Carrying Current

Part 1 A high-voltage power line carries a current of 120 A at a location where the Earth's magnetic field has a magnitude of 0.583 G and points to the north, 70.8° below the horizontal. Calculate the magnitude of the magnetic force exerted on a 258 m length of wire if the current in the wire flows horizontally toward the ea

Vertical Electric field near earth's surface

See attached file. Full solution please No skipped steps. Answer is provided. This link will provide all notes needed for this problem: http://books.google.com/books?id=0a8dk0eDxgEC&lpg=PP1&ots=DT6_oa_SLM&dq=kibble%20classical%20mechanics&pg=PA129#v=onepage&q=&f=false hide problem

Its about time - a discussion of time's nature

Before humans can seriously travel in time, that is extensively backward and forward, we need to first figure out what exactly "time" is. Anyone has a suggestive explanation on what "time is"? Please use at least one suitable site to support the answer (please don't use Wikpedia) Please provide the website(s) you use.

Colonizing the Moon

Should we spend more money in colonizing the moon than on current research? Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

Astronomy: Light From Continuous Spectrum

1. Light from a source having a continuous Spectrum shines on a mass of Hydrogen gas. What sort of spectrum would you see if you were (a) on the opposite side of the gas from the source ? (b) off to the side ? Explain. 2. Two stars have the same temperature, but the absorption lines of one are narrower than the absorption lin

Astronomy Solar System Scales

1. If the Solar System were 10cm across, how big would the Milky Way galaxy be on that scale? Use the orbit of Neptune as the outer edge of the Solar System.


1. The phase of the Moon when it is aligned with the Sun in the sky is called the _____ Moon. Full Last Quarter First Quarter New 2. The phase of the Moon when it is located 180 degrees from the Sun is called the _____ Moon. Full Last Quarter First Quarter New 3. The phase of the Moon when

Celestial Sphere Problems

Question 1 What is the name of the point in space where the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator from South to North? __________ __________ Question 2 On what date does the Sun appear to cross the point on the celestial equator in Question 1? Question 3 What are the Sun's right ascension and declinati

Earth and Moon

1. If the axis of the Earth were tilted at 50 instead of 23.5, would the Summers in Europe be longer and hotter ? Explain. 2. Why do we always see the same face of the Moon from the Earth? 3. If a lunar eclipse occurs in January, can it be seen from the South Pole? Explain.

Physics: Maximum Range of a Projectile

A projectile being fired upward at an angle to the horizontal, θ. You are to program the spreadsheet Excel (a similar substitute software program is permissible) to determine the maximum injection angle, θmax , that will result in the greatest downrange distance, R. Assume vo = 10 m/s and g is approximated as g = 10

Physics: Currents and Magnetic Fields

Please help with the following physics problems. 1. The current that flows through an incandescent light bulb immediately after it is turned on is higher than the current that flows moments later. Why? 2. The Earth's magnetic field lines are not parallel to its surface except in certain places. They actually "dip" downwar

Perfect spring, spider silk, pendulum, energy of climber

For a "perfect" spring, the force applied to the spring as a function of amount of stretch is shown below. The work done is the area under the curve. Show that for an amount of stretch x, the work done is: W =1/2kx^2 The easiest way is to use the diagram and the relation F = kx. (Note: you have seen the equation F