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    The Sun, evolution as a star, and presence in its life cycle

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    I have been waiting for any form of assistance for days now. I have revised the deadline for two days with no avail. My clock is running out & I have nothing but more confusion from trying to research extensively on the internet. Is there anyone who can help me? My paper is due in a few hours and I am really struggling with the Sun and its life cycle presence. I do not understand how the answer can be the same if the Sun is constantly rotating or being rotated by the Earth/Moon.

    The Sun is a star. Briefly outline the evolution of a star and where the Sun is in its life cycle.

    My confusion is does the question expect a response to the Sun's current existence in its life cycle or in general. Wouldn't it's current place in its life cycle depend on when I write the answer as it continually orbits the Earth? Also, if the Sun is a Star, then I must not understand the correct definition of a star because I thought the Sun and Moon orbited the earth and although not planets, I wasn't aware they were stars either.

    Any thoughts or direction to assist on this question? I have to write a 300 word paper discussing the topic. Any external references for additional research would be appreciated as well.

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    The solution is a step-by-step description of how stars are formed, how they evolve, and how they end up. Specific illustrations are made with the sun (as the star in our solar system), with great emphasis on its present stage in its life cycle.