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Solar System

Universal Gravitational Constant G

Please Show all work with answer!!! An apple (m=0.20 kg) falls to the earth. Determine (a) the apple's acceleration towards the earth; (b) the earth's acceleration towards the apple. (c) Discuss the appropriate reference frames in which to determine the accelerations in (a) ansd (b).

Desert Eagle Problem

A guy fires a desert eagle chambered for 44 mag at ground level on a flat area of the moon. The projectile exits the muzzle at 1450 fps (442m/s) and at an angle 27 degrees above the ground. Supposing the gravitation on the moon is 1/6 that it is on earth, determine both how far the bullet went and how long it took to get there.

Magnetic Field of a Long Straight Wire

At what distance from a long, straight wire carrying a current of 100.0 A is the magnetic field due to the wire equal to the strength of the Earth's field, approximately 4.0E-5 T (in m)?

Cause of Day and Night

1. What causes day and night? (a) The Earth spins on its axis. (b) The Earth moves around the Sun. (c) Clouds block out the Sun's light (d) The Earth moves into and out of the Sun's shadow. (e) The Sun goes around the Earth. What answer is correct?

Three quiz questions

7. How often is the Sun directly overhead at noon in Toronto? (a) Every day (b) Only in the Summer. (c) Only for the week of the summer solstice. (d) Only for one day each year. (e) Never What is the correct answer?

Quiz Question

18. During July at the North Pole, the Sun would: (a) Be overhead at noon (b) Never set (c) Be visible for 12 hours each day (d) Set in the Northwest (e) None of the above Which answer is the correct answer?

Calculating Proton Speed

Question: At a certain location, the horizontal component of the earth's magnetic field is 4.6E-5 T, due north. A proton moves eastward with just the right speed, so the magnetic force on it balances the weight. Find the speed of the proton.


Analysis of the spectrum of X for the surface of solid objects can, when compared to samples of different substances on Earth, reveal the surface composition of that body. What is X?


The alignment Sun, Earth, and Moon in the order will not necessarily result in a X being observed. What is B?

The point on the ecliptic

The point on the ecliptic, the Sun's apparent path in the sky, where its declination would be greatest is refered to as what?

One's zenith

If one were located on the Earth's equator, one's zenith would outline the A over a period of one day. What is A?

Acceleration due to gravity above Earth

"How far above the Earth's surface will the acceleration due to gravity be a quarter of what it is on the surface?" I tried to use the g' = (G * m) / r^2 equation (with the mass of the earth as "m") because it was used with a somewhat similar problem in my book about the value of g on the top of Mount Everest, but I came up w

Determination of the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field

Here's the background of our experiment. Purpose: In this experiment you will use a current-carrying loop to determine the horizontal component of the earths magnetic field for our locality. (Massachusetts, USA) Apparatus: 1. Circular conducting loop 2. Compass 3. Power supply and powersate 4. Ammeter 5. Wires Theo

Simple Harmonic Motion Of The Center Of The Earth

The gravitational force on a body located a distance R from the center of a uniform spherical mass is due solely to the mass lying at distance r<R or r=R, measured from the center of the sphere. This mass exerts a force as if it were a point mass at the origin. Use the above result to show that if you drill a hole through the