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Vertical linear Motion Problem for conceptual understanding of vertical motion.

This is an An interesting problem to understand the vertical upward or downward motion conceptualy. Do you know how to apply kinematical equations to the vertical motion? Are you sared of solving tough problems on kinematical euqaions of motion? Don't worry, solving one such problem or properly understanding its solution will definitely prepare your mind to solve such problems. The problem is as follows.
Its step by step detailed solution with indepth explanation alongwith all neat diagrams you will observe in the word file attached with the solution.

Read it and enjoy solving vertical motion problems.

The problem:
A Ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 11m/s. One second later, a stone is thrown vertically upward with an initial speed of 25m/s.
a) the time it takes the stone to catch up with the ball.
b) Find the velocities of the stone and the ball when they are at the same height.
c) The distance from the ground i.e. the heght where ball catches the stone.
d) The maximum distance of separation between both.
e) The time at which both will be at maximum distance from each other.